Salon Owner Success: The “Secret Sauce” To Keeping Customers For LIFE!

Salon Owner Success: The “Secret Sauce” To Keeping Customers For LIFE!


Salon Owner Success: Keisha George on Twitter - keeping customersAttention Salon Owners who want the best tips on keeping customers:

The answer to this question is the basis for your salon owner success:

Who are you?

No matter how good you are as a hairstylist, first you must sell YOU. How do you do that?

Step 1: Know who you are
Step 2: Put your personality into everything you do

There’s simply no better way to own a salon successfully.

Speaking of putting personality into your marketing, we just ended our “Attract Clients Like Crazy Twitter Contest” with two winners:

Congratulations to you both!

When I interviewed Keisha, she told me that she keeps her social media focused on her trade. No mentions of what she’s having for dinner or where she is right now. That might sound like she keeps her personality OUT of her media – but nothing could be further from the truth. Just check out some of these contest-qualifying tweets:

  • Prebooking guarantees your appointment and makes life easier for you and your stylist!

Salon Owner Success: Customer Loyalty with Prebooking - Keeping Customers

  • Hey as hairstylists we have to keep it cute at all times to keep the clients coming!

Salon Owner Success: Customer Loyalty behind the chair - keeping customers

  • A little late night humor! I know all my clients say this prayer nightly!!!


Look how Keisha used her personality in her caption of this contest photo:

Salon Owner Success: Customer Loyalty Self Image - Keeping Customers

  • Ohhhh this is going to be my masterpiece! U look fabulous kitty!! Wait until u see ur highlights!

She infuses her personality with all she does… WITHOUT distracting comments only of interest to herself, like what’s for dinner.

Our Virginia Contest Winner, Tiyana Ellis-Green, uplifts her tweets and captions with inspiration:

Salon Owner Success: Customer Loyalty perseverance - Keeping Customers

  • Even on a cloudy day, keep sailing to your destination

See how Tiyana is sharing her joy and keeping customers:

I decided to start my own contest because I felt so excited and blessed to have won, I wanted to make someone else feel like a winner too! Salon Plaza’s Twitter Contest challenged me and it was fun. I believe that having fun and involving the clients will help attract more business and buzz – Who doesn’t want something at a discount?!!!

Even if I don’t gain any new clients from this I still win because, at the end of the day, I do what I do to be of service to my clients to make them feel good. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no Tye’s Hair Studio!

Check out Tiyana’s Facebook Page and jump in on her contest!

Salon Owner Success: CheKesha Roland - Keeping Customers

Another Salon Plaza Member who did an AMAZING job in the Twitter Contest and came close to winning in the random drawing is CheKesha Roland, owner of Hair Kouture Salon & Spa in Fountain Square, Richmond VA.

Look how she took the time to add her contact info to this photo of a hand balancing a blank business card – very clever!

  • Come check me out at the #SalonPlazaFountainSquare in #RVA

Meet Narada Fuller, owner of Narada’s Hair Studio in Laurel MD. She made a strong showing in week 3. Here’s her caption for the young woman in the canoe on a stormy day:

  • Ride the wave. Calm the storm in your head. You are in control of the row. #Destiny #persevere #faith

See more examples of personality-rich tweets on Salon Plaza’s Twitter Feed.

How To Infuse Personality Into Your Marketing

It’s like marinating a good steak. The “steak” in this case is your skill as a beauty professional. The “secret sauce” is your personality. You must bring out parts of who you are and infuse that into every

You want your clients to get to know you and see themselves in you. This is the true secret to keeping customers.

Remember: No one pleases everyone. Being just the way it is… there are real benefits to that because you will attract a loyal following of like-minded clients who return again and again, year after year. And who do you think they will refer to you? Other like-minded new customers!

Let’s be honest. The WORST thing you can do is to be a regular “John” or “Jane Smith” as a salon owner or independent beauty professional who only does hair and expects customers to come back over and over again – because of great service or an “amazing” color.

You must show your personality! Otherwise, you’ll be just another “hum-drum” stylist who gets lost in the crowd. Your hard-earned clients will get bored with you and go elsewhere.

Pass This Test:
How many of your customers can rattle off 5-6 things about you off the top of their head?

Adding personality to everything you do is a MAJOR key to PROSPERITY and keeping customers. And fortunately, it’s easy to do. Check out these 3 blog posts to get you on the right track:

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