Salon Owner Success: Master the Consultation with These 5 Power Steps

Salon Owner Success: Master the Consultation with These 5 Power Steps


Diana's Hair Design Master the Consultation Salon Owner SuccessSalon Owner Success Starts with Mastering the Consultation!

Are you just getting started in your salon?

Or maybe you’re a well-established salon owner!

Either way, if you’re like most beauty industry professionals, you want (need?) to draw in new customers and make more money.

After all your efforts to get someone new in your chair for the first time, there is something you MUST do…

Besides providing excellent services, it’s equally important to be a great communicator.

The secret to being a salon owner success, KEEPING your hard-earned new customers and turning them into long-term paying clients is to master the consultation. When you go beyond the ordinary, your clients will likely rebook and…


…tell their friends why they should book an appointment with you! Referrals are your best source of new business. By mastering the consultation, you show your clients you really care about them.

5 Power Steps to Mastering the Consultation:

1. Set the stage

First and always, be sure your salon or barbershop is sparkling clean. If you really want to WOW your clients, consider opening a salon at a Salon Plaza near you. You’ll get to set the atmosphere at your own salon and be your own boss. You’ll get started in a sparkling clean, fully-equipped studio salon in a great location.

Here’s what you’ll get…

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Follow the lead of one our most talented Salon Owner Members… Diana at Diana’s Hair Design in Rockville MD

2. Look professional

Men, keep groomed, trim and fit. If you’re a woman, have your hair, makeup & nails looking great. You are a cosmetologist. If your hair, skin, and nails look bad then customers are not going to trust you to touch their hair skin or nails. You are your best advertisement.

3. Have a good attitude

Salon Owner Success - Master the Consultation like Diana at Diana's Hair Design

If you’re having a bad day, take a minute and just shake it off. Put on a smile and stand or sit up straight. Body language is everything. Be happy and confident in YOU. It will show.

For a little help with this, check out 7 Days to Closer Relationships With Your Clients.

Try these body language tips – they will really make a difference:

  • Lean in slightly when you are talking to them. This shows you are interested in what they are saying.
  • Keep good eye contact. And not just through the mirror! Be chill, but take the time to look face-to-face.
  • Mirror their body language. It helps the client feel a little more comfortable.
  • Never cross your arms, even if your client does. Angry, sad or nervous people cross their arms. It comes off as defensive or aggressive.

4. Listen to your client

Simple yet effective, you’ll learn the most when you just hush and listen. You want to really get to know your client. Be ready with great questions for the consultation. The point is to get to know them and what they like. With that being said, DON’T JUDGE. It is THEIR happiness you are trying to achieve, not your own.

5. Ask for the next appointment

Once you have cut their hair or got their nails looking great, it doesn’t mean you are done. You want to make sure they will come back. Be casual but confident. Try something like,

“Let’s get you set up for your next appointment now to keep you looking great.”

This is just an example: change it up suit yourself.

When you follow these 5 powerful steps, you will develop clients who are happy with their new look and excited about their next appointment. When they feel you really care… they will become a referral source and tell their friends!

If you want some more great salon how-to’s, check out Salon Plaza’s 52 Keys to Salon Owner Success…

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