August 23, 2012

Salon Owner Success: How To Keep Your Chair Full, On Your Schedule


Important Message To All Beauty Professionals:  

Are you a salon employee, booth renter, or owner?  No matter how you work now as a hair stylist, barber, nail tech or esthetician, to be as successful as you want to be, there is something you must do right now to…

Keep your chair FULL

You must think like a salon OWNER!

“It’s Surprising But True! You Are in Two Businesses: 

The Business of Providing Your Services and 

The Business of Marketing Your Services.” 

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of beauty professionals who spend money on marketing but never see more business coming through the door.  If you worry your efforts to advertise your services could pour your hard-earned cash down the drain, you are not alone.

What I often hear beauty professionals say, even salon owners who have been in the business for a long time is this:  “Except for word of mouth and walk-ins – there are no good ways to get new clients and keep your chair full.”



salon success business marketing - keep your chair full

The most successful beauty professionals and salon owners have learned what marketing steps to take and which ones to avoid.  They grow their clientele without spending lots for little return.

What’s their secret recipe? 

Effective marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive.  But it does require a little planning and smart use of your energy, time and money.  For your marketing to WORK, answer these 3 basic questions:

1. Market: Who are your most likely clients?

2. Message: What can you say to make them choose YOU?

3. Media: How will you get your message to your market?

First, let’s Define Your MARKET – your most likely customers.  The answer to a few simple, yet essential, questions will help you attract more clients, keep them longer, keep your chair full, and make more money—without risking your savings.

BTW – If you hear yourself saying, “I know that already”—stop and ask, “How fully and completely am I doing this on a regular basis…”  That’ll get your wheels turnin’…

Step 1:  Know Your Market

Do you know who your most likely clients are? 

  • Identify Your Target Market:  Many salon owners overlook this important first step. It’s vital to understand who are your most likely clients.  Every beauty professional has a “perfect customer.”  Who is yours?  If you are unsure who your target market is, think about the clients you see now.  Do they come to you from work or home?  How far away?  What do they have in common with each other?  What beauty challenges do they face?  What do they need, want and dream about?  The better you know your clients, and what they have in common as a group, the easier it will be to attract more similar clients to you and keep your chair full
  • Understand the Wants Of Your Target Market: How well do you know your best customers?  Get to know their wants, fears, and dreams.  What makes them buy your services and products?  What services do they ask for most often?  Do they wish to look older or younger?  Do they prefer a peaceful or high-energy environment?  Perhaps what they desire most is to be acknowledged and appreciated.  Find out what they want from you and make sure it is part of your package.  Clearly, reflect these qualities in your marketing materials and in your interactions.  You must remember great marketing is not about you, your retail products or your service.  It’s about your customers and how you can solve their problems and deliver benefits.  Have empathy for your customers—learn to walk in their shoes and see life from their perspective.
  • Focus Your Marketing Efforts on this Special Target Market.  As a service provider, you can serve whoever comes in your door.  But as MARKETER of your services, focus your resources on your most likely clients.  How can you become known to them? That’s the role of your message and your media, subjects of later blog posts.

Knowing your target market is the first step to making marketing work for you.  Once you have a sense of who your most likely clients are, you can develop your most compelling, persuasive, magnetic marketing MESSAGE.  Then – and only then – can you choose your MEDIA.  Look for how to develop your message and choose your media in future blog posts.

Answering these questions will transform your marketing forever. Give them lots of thought. Make no excuses, instead…

Just Do It!

If you’re ready to get serious about how to keep your chair full by developing your Market, Message, and Media – and grow your clientele – check out Salon Plaza’s FREE Ultimate Salon Marketing System – 52 Keys To Success:

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