July 27, 2012

Salon Owner Start-Up Step 1: How To Name Your Salon

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Salon Owner Start-Up Step #1

Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Do you need to name your salon? And are you looking for a unique salon name? Catchy hair salon names will help your business grow.

The #1 QUESTION to choose a salon name I hear most often is, “Should I use my own name or should I find a salon name that describes what I do?”

Let’s say your name is Sue West and you are an esthetician. You could name your salon Sue’s Salon. Or you could name your salon something like Super Skin. Another idea is to combine the two, such as Super Skin with Sue. Or Sue West Skin Care when you name your salon.

It’s a good question, with more than one side to the story. Let’s talk with Salon Plaza Members who have made each of these choices in naming their salon.

Meet Our Members!

Galiana’s Hair Studio

“I love what I do, and I wanted to use my own name. It helped me to keep my clients when I moved into my Salon Plaza studio. They know it’s still me in my new salon with the same great services.

Having my name on the door means I am in control of my image. Everything I do comes back to me. Customers can easily find me. Plus, it challenges me as a business owner to build and protect my name.”

Heavenly Hair

“I love unique hair salon names. The way I got the name for my salon is I prayed about it. And then I asked a lot of other people what it should be, but nothing was feeling like the right name.

So then I asked God, “How come I haven’t gotten a name yet?” And He said, “Well you asked me and then you asked other people and took it out of my hands. So ask me again.”

And then I asked, and He gave me Heavenly Hair, immediately. If you need to come up with hair salon name ideas, ask God!”

Fannie Fabulous Faces

“My motto is, “A Full Service Hair Salon Where You Let Yourself Be Pampered.”

I want my customers to feel fabulously pampered when they leave me, with a style that fits their face. Done by me, Fannie. It stays real personal that way. Think about what you do best – This is a good way to find beauty salon names.

And if you are a hairstylist who wants to own their own salon… or a traditional, multi-chair shop owner getting ready to downsize, Salon Plaza can’t be beat. Is Salon Plaza the right place for you to prosper?”

Need Help With UNIQUE Salon Name Ideas? 

To find a catchy salon name that describes what you do, check out our post, UNIQUE SALON NAMES5 Rules to Attract Clients Like a Magnet!

Remember – you must choose a name no one else has. You can check to see if your favorite choices are available by visiting your state’s business licensing website.

At Salon Plaza, we help our Independent Salon Owner Members obtain the licensing they need to get up and running.

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