August 7, 2013

Salon Guerrilla Marketing: Use Email To Build An Unbreakable Bond

salon plaza email guerrilla marketing tipsA Question for Cosmetologists:

“Should you include email marketing in your Guerrilla Marketing Plan?”

Getting an email marketing program up and running requires your time and energy – But will it be worth the effort?

11 Reasons Why You Should Turn Words Into Money With Email Marketing…

1. Simple To Use

Emails let you easily keep in touch with your clients and prospects with information they’d like to know about. You can send out an email anywhere, anytime. Weekly specials, new products and services, hair care tips, and even occasional personal updates about you are all good topics for your emails.

2. Low Cost & “Green”

Using email never requires the three Ps: Paper, Printing and Postage. Email marketing eliminates the cost for sending printed newsletters and postcards. Not to mention… it supports today’s paperless “go green” initiative!

3. Be Yourself – Be Personal

With email marketing, you can speak to your customers in a personalized way that is not possible with newspaper ads, fliers and postcards. Write your emails as if you are speaking to one specific person. Keep them friendly, conversational and real.

4. Develop Your Email List

Clients and prospects who want to receive your tips, offers, and specials will happily give you their email address. If they change their mind down the road, they can always unsubscribe. That way your messages get sent only to the people on your list who want to receive them.

email marketing for salon guerrilla marketing5. Right Message – Right Person – Right Time

By sending a targeted message only to those who are likely to be interested in that message, you’ll get a better response. For example, you can create sub-lists based on services purchased or hair type. Or create a list of “regulars” who haven’t been in for a while and give them a reason to return.

6. Stay In Touch More Often

Because email takes little time and money to write and send, you can communicate with your customers frequently. Instead of only sending a flyer or postcard a few times a year, with email you can easily send hot offers once a month or more.

TIP: Don’t overdo it! An important “best practice” is to email clients and prospects no more than once a week.

7. Get Quicker Responses

Email is super-fast compared to sending something in the mail — which can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to get a response. People usually respond to emails in less than a few days.

8. Interact with Your List

Instead of waiting for prospects and clients to contact you, you can reach out to them first. Send videos, photos, questions, or anything that gets your list to respond best. Just like with your friendships, interacting builds relationships.

9. Go Viral!

Forwarding an email with an enticing offer, useful tip or funny story takes only a few seconds. Many of your clients and prospects will share something they like with their friends. The viral nature of emails gives your marketing a wider reach with the opportunity for referrals.

10. Measure Results Easily

Specific email marketing tools can help you determine what’s working or what’s not. The best provide tracking information that shows you how your emails are being received:

  • How many people opened an email
  • How many clicked a link
  • How many people “unsubscribed”
  • Which emails were “undeliverable”
  • Which emails “bounced”

And many more helpful insights. These numbers, known as “marketing metrics”, make it easy for you to do more of what works now and improve what isn’t working yet.

11. Combine Email with Mail for Best Results

Email marketing combined with direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tactics you can use. Studies show that sending “snail mail” with a similar message and offer as your emails will double and triple your payoff. Try it and see – be sure to track what you spend and the response you get!

hair salon email marketing for salon plaza

Email Marketing Makes It Easy To Stay “Top of Mind” And Build An Unbreakable Bond

Take time to target your message to the people most likely to want it when you send it. That’s how to use your customer list best – and what guerrilla marketing is all about. 

Email has significant advantages over print and other traditional kinds of marketing. Done right, it can help you build your revenues without a lot of cash out of your pocket.

All things considered, email marketing is one of the best ways to get the most bang for your marketing bucks!

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