July 29, 2013

Salon Guerrilla Marketing: How To Get Free Publicity In 5 Easy Steps

salon plaza free press news publicityFREE PUBLICITY can make more of an impact for you than advertising…

Because it’s really not advertising!

It’s a story about something newsworthy you or your salon is doing that will captivate or inform media followers who could also become your clients.

That’s why getting local publicity should be part of your guerrilla marketing plan for your salon. 

The Big Challenge:

You have to go after it!

Unlike advertising, you can’t simply write a check to get on the air or in print. You have to sell the media on the newsworthiness of your story. 

It’s Worth The Effort!


Because exposure gives you recognition and credibility that builds trust, which means more fans, appointments, revenues. And that spells salon success!

Even quotes and blurbs mentioning you help to give you free awareness, exposure and credibility in your location. PR doesn’t replace your other marketing efforts, but gives a boost to what you’re already doing. 

Here’s What You Need To Do To Get Free PR:

describe the imageStep 1: Develop Your “Media Hit List”

Identify all of the publicity outlets serving your area.

What are your local newspapers and radio stations? Find out the specialty weekly and monthly publications and stations – include family centered, religious, and ethnic publications. 

Which local cable and radio stations have programs relating to health, beauty, and lifestyle? Also look for local websites that choose to highlight local people and businesses.

Get the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the reporters or editors for “health, beauty and lifestyle” focused departments. Ask how they like to be contacted best.

You can check the web to see if this information is already put together in a PR Directory for your location.

How Do You Attract An Editor’s Interest?

Step 2: Decide on a Newsworthy Story

Publications are always on the lookout for stories that would be of interest to their audience. Events that might be of interest to the right reporters include a grand opening, a new product or service, or winning an award. 

You can also specifically create an event to capture the attention of the news media, such as a “One Year Anniversary Party”, “Community Building Charity Fundraiser” or some other interest-gathering event.

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Step 3: Write a Press Release

A professional press release is a one-page document that announces your newsworthy story about you or your salon.

  • Have a compelling title
  • Keep it to one page
  • Making it interesting and compelling
  • Never sound like you’re selling 
  • Make sure it’s well-written with proper grammar
  • Include print-worthy images and professional-looking photos

Take your time and get a proof reader! Have professional quality photos ready because if you get a call, they may ask for more.

describe the imageStep 4: Get Your Press Release Noticed

Start out by posting your press release to online PR sites. This gets your story where can be picked up by the search engines. Like getting your announcement on public record, it stays there always.

Some of the best PR sites for getting found on Google include:

  • PRurgent.com
  • OnlinePRnews.com
  • PRlog.org
  • clickpress.com

Next, email your release to your “Media Hit List”. Only send it to media with a focus related to your topic.

TIP: Be ready should someone call for an interview or more information. Remember that reporters and editors work on tight deadlines. If you get a call, respond to it immediately. Otherwise, they’ll move onto the next story.

Step 5: Track Your Results

When someone comes into your salon, always ask them how they heard about you. Note when a new or regular customer mentions they saw your story. How much did they spend with you as a result? Now subtract any costs to get that publicity to find out the boost to your revenues.

TIP: Think of publicity as one more piece of the puzzle in your efforts to build your clientele. Don’t rely on it to be your only source of business, but rather as a power-boost to your other efforts.

If you don’t have a regular PR effort as part of your guerrilla marketing plan, you’ll never get the opportunity to be featured. Don’t overlook the power of local publicity. Once you get into the habit of contacting your local media with newsworthy items, you eventually become a local hair care expert in your community. 

And every once in a while you might get the PR grand slam feature story that blows off the doors to your clients!

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