Salon Guerrilla Marketing: 7 Steps To Get Referrals From Your Avatars

Salon Guerrilla Marketing: 7 Steps To Get Referrals From Your Avatars

guerilla marketing for salons bagForget About Competing!

The fastest way to get more referrals is to cooperate with local businesses and turn them into your Avatars!

What is an Avatar?

An Avatar is a person who knows and influences many people. They are trusted experts in their field who seek to pass knowledge on to others.

Their contacts consistently ask them to refer excellent providers of services and products they need and want.

An Avatar isn’t necessarily your client, but someone your prospects respect and trust. Avatars can increase your clientele in a matter of a few conversations.

Avatars help you create your “Space for Prosperity.”

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Avatars Can Become Your Major Source Of Referrals

Keep in mind, a referral simply means sending someone you like to someone you trust. Here are 3 things you can do to make yourself more referable:

1. Be on time

To quote an old adage, “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and late is not acceptable.” This may sound easy and simple, maybe even something you already do. It’s best to have a rule, such as to be where you say you will be 15 minutes early.

2. Do what you say you will do

Be careful and do not over-promise. Just do it instead. In other words, do what you don’t say you will do. Seems like these days most people over promise and under deliver. Don’t be one of them. Make sure if you say you are going to do something you do it, and even give a little extra.

3. Finish what you start

As a business owner, it is incredibly important to know that you will finish what you start. For instance, if you sign up for a techniques class, you must attend fully and find ways to use what you learned. Similarly, when you begin a marketing campaign, you must see it through to the end. This builds confidence and trust in yourself.

Show your Avatars who you are. Teach them that they want to know you, like and trust you, and they will gladly refer you.

7 Steps To Start Your Avatar Referral System:

Ask yourself,

“Who would have a great list of customers, patients, or clients who would make ideal clients for your salon?”

Start by making a list of complementary service providers such as tanning salons, wedding consultants, portrait photographers, doctors whose patients suffer from hair loss… your choices are vast!

These are the occupations that can become a source of referrals. Find the offices that are a short drive from your salon. Identify the leaders among them, and befriend your future Avatars!

Here’s what you need to get your Avatar Referral System working for you:

guerilla marketing for salons chocolate1. List of top 5 businesses to visit

2. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

3. Business cards

4. 1/3 page flier

5. Gift bowls and stickers (see photo)

6. Candy

7. A way to track what you do and keep you accountable

Your goal is to help people see you in a special light, like you, and recommend you to their customers, patients or clients when they need you most!

When used properly, Salon Plaza’s Avatar Referral Method will:

1. Establish relationships with influencers and turn them into your Avatars

2. Make sure Your Name is on the top of every Avatar’s mind when one of their clients needs your services

3. Give you a marketing method you can use year after year to Attract Clients Like A Magnet


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