April 24, 2015

Salon Email Marketing: Create Emails in 11 Min or Less For A FULL BOOK


Salon create Emails Marketing Tips CAUTION: This blog post is NOT for you if you don’t want to do any work or make any effort.

If you DO want to know how to use EMAIL to make your phone RING!… we’re about to give you our A to Z instructions – 

You have to use them. 

This post IS for YOU if:

  • You are willing to put in a little work
  • You want to have a transformation in your business and your life
  • It’s not all about money… but you’ll make a ton of it!

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Feedback so far:

Salon Owners want the Most Help with…

Most frequent response to: How do you market yourself now?

  • Salon Plaza personal website
  • Word of mouth/referrals

Which of these actually brings in new clients?

  • Salon Plaza personal website
  • Word of mouth/referrals
  • Hand out business cards

The “BAD” news…

Most Salon Professionals rely on referrals but fail to put a SYSTEM in place to get them. Neither do they actively market to an email list. About staying in touch with clients in between appointments – most don’t! Nor do they have a Client Reactivation Program.

Surprisingly, the business metrics they most often track is the “Lifetime Value” of clients. I say SURPRISINGLY because this isn’t easy to determine. What to know how? Simply click on “How to Determine A Client’s Lifetime Value”.

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All Salon Plaza Members are invited to join our Income Prosperity Club. To succeed, it only takes two attributes:

1) Success IDEAS: Your know-how, mindset, vision, and strategy… How You Think!
2) Action STEPS: Your ability to take massive fast action… What You Do!

So let’s give you a valuable Success IDEA and Action STEPS to make it happen right now. We’ve had some inquiries on how to use Email Marketing to build your business, so let’s focus on that.

Success IDEA:

“Discover How to Create Emails that Make Appointments Like Magic in 11 Minutes or Less”

Richmond Hairstylist at Salon Plaza Tishawna Pritchet - create emails

This salon email marketing post is for you if you want to create emails that are more powerful and profitable. It’s a speedy way to persuade prospects to become clients and clients to come in more often.


You won’t be once you know the system.

Action STEPS: Powerful Subject Line

This step is very important when you create emails. Your subject line is MISSION CRITICAL because that’s what gets your email opened… rather than deleted or ignored.

Because we all get SO MUCH mail, your recipients tend to scan for emails to delete. A lot of us do it on the phone. That’s why your subject line has to catch your readers’ attention.

Think of your subject line as the “ad for your ad”. It has one purpose and one purpose only – to get people to open your email!

Note: Don’t use ALL CAPS – it feels like you are screaming. Capitalize the first word or the first letter of each word at most.

Right now, scan your inbox for subject lines that make you want to open them. What makes you take notice?

Here are some templates to follow. Change the word in BOLD to reflect what you do:

  • “This hair tip is almost too easy”

Here the word “easy” catches our eye, and it works with the word “tip”.

  • “The fastest way to fix a bad hair day

We live in a fast food world. Your clientele want the answers NOW!

Other ideas for powerful subjects lines:

  • Ask a question.
  • Give a how to tip.
  • Create curiosity: Have you tried this beauty secret?
  • Mention something personal: “What I discovered in Paris”

TOP SECRET: create emails that are powerful, persuasive and profitable:

Salon Plaza create emails marketing - more tipsOne word: Relationship

The relationship you have with your clients is the single most important thing when you want to create emails that make your phone ring. You must develop a heart connection with your readers.

This is what will get your emails opened – A real heart-centered relationship with your prospects and customers.

Think about it… if your mom sends you an email, you open it. As a beauty practitioner, you can come close. When you create a subconscious connection with your readers, they WANT to open your emails.

Remember that people like to be entertained. Write as if you are speaking to one person – as if you are writing it to your mom or best friend. Someone you have a heart connection with.

The key to developing a relationship is to talk about personal things like your children, or something slightly foolish you did. Your struggles. A family vacation. While you’re at it, why not craft your personal story?

Then tie it all in with a payoff for the reader, such as “what NOT to do with your hair,” or “how gaining confidence makes any hairstyle more becoming.”

Let people in. Share with them who you are. This is how you can use email to develop an unbreakable bond with your clients and prospects.

Use Psychology – Be Sincere – Show Your Passion

Let us know what works for you… Get Salon Plaza’s

Get FAST ACTION Checklist! Create emails

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