Salon Customer Loyalty: Top 10 To Do's to Build Your Book

Salon Customer Loyalty: Top 10 To Do’s to Build Your Book

salon customer loyalty 10 to dosWARNING: Salon Customer Loyalty Can Make or Break You!

It really all comes down to why you decided to become a cosmetologist in the first place…

  • Was it because you love making people feel good about themselves?
  • Do you enjoy boosting confidence and putting smiles on faces?

All successful cosmetologists know this: Salon customer loyalty depends on way more than just your training and talents.

The quality of the relationships you build will make all the difference in how FULL you keep your book.

Top 10 To-Do’s for Building Salon Customer LOYALTY… Guaranteed!

ONE: Keep Your Space Looking Good

A clean and tidy salon makes a positive impression. When a client walks in you don’t want them walking into a mess. Keep the floor swept up after EACH client. No one wants to walk all over someone else’s hair.

Keep your station cleaned and organized. Your product area should be straight and faced. (To “face” something means to pull the product to the front of the shelf with the label facing out so it can be seen clearly.)

Attention to detail shows self-discipline, consistency, and consideration and is a step closer to salon customer loyalty.

TWO: Offer “At Home” Comforts

Service is the key here. You probably already do this but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. Have magazines. Despite smart phones, people still like to read a good article or even thumb through the hairstyles that celebrities are sporting.

How about music? Music sets the mood and uplifts spirits. Be sure to play music that suits your clientele. One fun idea is to let them choose the music.

Are you offering them something to drink? Offer them coffee, tea, water, lemonade… A Salon Plaza Studio is the perfect place to personalize how you welcome your clients. If my hairstylist offered me a beverage, I would leave a better tip.

At Salon Plaza, you can set your own standards.

THREE: Do a Full Consultation

Salon Customer Loyalty Salon Plaza Eyebrow ServicesWhen you schedule a new client, tack on an extra 10 to 15 minutes to allow yourself some time. Before you start styling, get to know them and what they like. By understanding what your client’s day and personality are like, you will be able to come up with something that she loves that works for her.

Salon customer loyalty depends on feeling understood and appreciated. Having a private salon studio will also help your clients feel more comfortable opening up to you without other clients around to hear your personal conversations.

Discover more about Mastering the Consultation.

FOUR: Be an Educator!

While you are styling them, show them how you do what you are doing. Its annoying for clients to wake up the day after and fail to get the same style they had when they walked out of the salon. In the same way, if you are an esthetician or nail technician you can give your clients some skin-care, makeup, or nail care tips.

Our community of salon owners is really big on this, and their customers appreciate it!

FIVE: One Mouth, Two Ears

Listen more than you speak. Many people come to the salon to relax and even get away for a bit. Sometimes they just need to talk. Let them talk away. If they prefer not to talk, that’s okay too. Either way, be respectful and honest but not obtrusive or bossy.

Most importantly, don’t talk about other clients or their stories to the client in your chair. Your clients need to trust you. That’s why the privacy of a studio salon is all-important.

salon customer loyatlySIX: Offer Rewards and Incentives

Loyalty, VIP and referral programs give your clients added incentives to come back. Do some field testing to see what works. Create programs that offer your clients rewards for coming back or for referring new clients.

Rewards can be a product you give them for free after so many visits or a discount for a certain number of referrals. It works better when you give a $ dollar amount off instead of a % percentage discount. Be creative.

SEVEN: Show Appreciation

You know you’re good at what you do… but it means little without the continued patronage of your clients. Express to them how grateful you are that they choose to come see you. A simple yet warm,

“Thank you for coming to see me today”

speaks volumes. It is so simple yet super effective. Many of our Salon Plaza Members find that reward programs are another great way to say thank you.

EIGHT: Follow-Up!

Staying in touch can make all the difference to turn a one-timer into a loyal client. A few days after his or her appointment, take the time to call (or send them a TEXT message) to see how she’s doing. Is she still loving her new look?

As a studio salon owner, this will show you really care. Especially since the big salons rarely give this same personal care and attention.

NINE: Stay Open to Improvement

salon customer loyalty CheKeshaTry using a suggestion box to get feedback where your clients can confidentially give their opinions.

Really, no matter how skilled you are at doing what you do… no matter how warm or sparkling your personality may be, you occasionally will get that client who has something negative to say. The best way to deal with complaints is to let them get their feelings off their back.

Keep a smile and let them know you are listening and hearing their concerns. Then see what you can do to make amends.

TEN: Aspire to Be the Best You Can Be

This sounds simple but is the most important. Be yourself. If you try to fake your personality then your clients will see it and it may turn them away. Here are a few of our Member’s favorite quotes about being yourself…

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong.” ~ James Leo Herlihy

“Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.” ~ Unknown

Salon customer loyalty is easier to create in a private studio salon. Customers really like the convenience and attention. But being your own boss isn’t for every stylist.

How ready are YOU to open up your own Studio Salon with Salon Plaza?

Discover now… take our Salon Owner Success Quiz and find out how you compare with our most successful Members…

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