January 21, 2014

Salon Business Cards: Avoid The 8 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes


Designing An Attractive Logo For Your Salon Business Cards Establishes Your Brand

The goal of your logo on your salon business cards is to capture your audience’s attention and help you get repeat business. 
Your logo will reach your audience through your business cards, website, social media, postcards, fliers, signage, and more.

It will even help you get more referrals because your clients want to feel proud of the brand image of the stylist they recommend.

The perfect logo on your salon business cards reflects your professionalism, your core values, and your brand promise. Want to avoid the most common mistakes salon owners make?

How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Salon:

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1. Your Message

Your logo should reflect your brand name and your core message. Your logo can add clarity and meaning to your message. Prospects should not have to think long and hard about what you do. If your salon business cards do not clearly convey your brand promise, it simply gives contact info and nothing more, than keep reading.

To get help on discovering your message, check out 5 Ways To Say It Right Every Time.

2. Your Target Audience

When designing your logo, keep your target audience in mind. 
Trying to be all things to all people never works. Focus on the people who really want what only you can offer. Get to know what these ideal clients like, the problems they want to overcome, and what gets them energized.

Understanding your target audience is the starting point for Guerrilla Marketing.

3. Your Colors

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The Color you choose is an important element in your personal brand identity – choose wisely. When someone looks at your logo, the color is the number one thing they will remember. To show you what I mean, think about these companies and their main logo color –

  • Target – Red 
  • UPS – Brown 
  • Aussie – Purple
  • 3M Post-It Notes – Yellow

Take time to consider what each color represents to your target audience. Color can add meaning, build familiarity, and make your logo stand out.

4. Add Visuals

The salon industry is a visual industry. A strong logo image captures your prospects’ attention and shows them who you are. Because we remember pictures more easily than words, a logo with strong visuals will help you to stay top-of-mind.

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5. Add A Tagline

Your tagline should be short, easy to remember and say something about your brand. What’s the single most important idea you want to express? Put that in your tagline.

Want some help coming up with a tagline that represents your brand and means something to your audience? Visit How To Attract Client To Your Salon With A Tagline

6. Be Unique 

Your logo should reflect your salon’s distinctive atmosphere and it’s core values. 
Symbols and shapes that don’t mean anything won’t give you an advantage. Stay away from clip art – it tends to make your brand look less professional. Invest some time in coming up with an original logo – it will help you to succeed.

7. Be Consistent

Your logo represents your salon – don’t keep changing its look. Similarly, use the same logo in all of your media – online and off. That’s why you must make sure it looks good both in print and on the web.

8. Be Simple

Complex designs are difficult to remember. With fewer elements, you’ll create a stronger image. Choose fonts that aren’t ultra thin or hard to read. Balance that with a little pizazz, and you’ve got it!

We understand your business!

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