November 3, 2012

Salon Booth Renters, Salon Owners – Do You Play To Your Strengths?


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How Often Do You…

“Play to Your Strengths?”

Sure, when we were in school, most of us were taught to improve what we weren’t good at. And maybe that’s ok in school. At least we got a passing grade.

Business is different.

Average, passing, ok – this isn’t what successful businesses are built on.

When we focus on our faults, shortcomings, and weaknesses, we fail to develop our strengths and talents. Sometimes, we forget all about them!

On the other hand, when we focus on developing, refining and applying our unique strengths and talents, we become more successful and happy. By appreciating our personal strengths we are free to choose which talents and skills to practice, develop and refine. Our sense of self-worth grows!

What are you really good at? Your strengths are a combination of your natural talents, your training, your experience, and your passion.

Right now, take stock in yourself.

If you want REAL RESULTS – get out a pen and paper and write down your answers to these 5 questions. If you don’t write it down, at least answer in your head. But if you write down your answers, you’ll have them to refer to later to help you get more clients and keep them longer.

1) What have you always been good at, without really trying? 
2) How does this natural talent help you as a beauty professional?
3) What is your training as a beauty professional? Make a list and circle areas where you excel.
4) Think about your years of experience and all of the places you’ve worked as a stylist, nail tech, barber or esthetician. What experiences build on your training and talents to make you really good?
5) Consider the compliments you get from your clients – what do they tell you they like best?

Look at everything you just thought about, and hopefully, wrote down. Circle the most important skills that you have, and list 3 skills that you identify as most valuable in serving your clients.

You can use this discovery as a source of focus, encouragement, and direction. In Salon Plaza’s 52 Keys To Salon Owner Success, I’ll show you how can you use these 3 words in your marketing to build your clientele.

Best of all… it’s FREE!

By following these 52 Keys To Salon Owner Success, you’ll create your timeline to design life on your own terms. Let’s take a look at what you’ll accomplish:

• You’ll tap into your WHY

• You’ll claim your strengths

• You’ll clarify where you are now in your business

• You’ll identify your biggest obstacles to success

• You’ll have a plan for getting past whatever stands in your way…

And much, much more!

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Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - your strengths



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