September 11, 2015

Salon Booth Renters: R U Ready 4 More Freedom Prosperity & Community?


Salon Booth Renters - Salon Booth Rental or Salon Ownership?

Attention Salon Booth Renters!!

Salon Booth Rental May Be Better Than Working As An Employee…

And YET…

Are you a cosmetologist who rents a booth? Or do you work as a salon employee? Either way, by now you might be wanting more freedom and control.

Maybe you’ve thought about owning your own salon. You’re just not sure how to go about it right.

Should you take the leap and live your dream… or play it safe and stay where you are now?

Which is best for you?

Both have their pluses and minuses. Or is there a better way? At Salon Plaza, we can shed some light on these options, and more for salon booth renters.

Curious? Then you owe it to yourself to…

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Salon Booth Renters

The Plus Side…

  1. Instead of being an employee and only making a certain amount, you are in control of your income.
  2. With salon booth rental, you are not paid hourly or by salary. You work for yourself, and pay rent to the salon. The money you make after that is yours. The more clients you see, the more you charge, the better you do. Your client list is your own…
  3. In exchange, the salon provides certain amenities such as the chair, sink, and those big hairdryers.
  4. Depending on the salon, you may have some flexibility in your schedule.
  5. Location! Many salons are established and people know where they are, The owner might do some marketing for the salon as a whole.

The Minus Side…

  1. You do have to have your own tools such as scissors, irons, and combs
  2. Booth rental can be expensive and you have to trust the person you are renting from.
  3. You have to follow their code of conduct and rules.
  4. The person you rent from is technically a “land lord” not a boss. BUT, this line tends to get blurred.
  5. Even though you might get some flexibility in your work schedule, you still have to stay within the hours of the salon itself. You might be asked to open or close or work a certain number of hours each week. Meaning…
You have to ASK for time off!

Salon Booth Renters: What's In Your Future?Salon Ownership

The Plus Side…

  1. When you open a salon, you are working to make your dreams come true instead of someone else’s.
  2. It is all yours. You are the boss!
  3. You get to name your salon.
  4. You can choose how to run your shop. You can rent booths or hire employees. You can set your own hours and maintain an atmosphere that suits you.
  5. Best of all, you are in control. You decide what products to use and to sell. You choose how to market yourself and if you want to hire or fire a stylist.

The Minus Side…

  1. The biggest barriers to owing your own shop are the start-up costs. You have to lease or buy your own commercial property, get the right permits, remodel if necessary, and get all the equipment you need, right down to the mirrors on the wall.
  2. You have to hunt for a good location. You might end up in a great location but you could also think you’re in a great location and it ends up being awful.
  3. Not to mention… insurance, overhead and marketing costs.
  4. What about hiring, training and keeping stylists? And maybe a receptionist? Yikes!
  5. Which brings me to the biggest challenge of all… You’ll be on your own, by yourself. All responsibility of everything falls on you and you alone.

Salon Booth Renters - Better Than Salon Booth Rental at Salon PlazaBut Wait!! Is there a Better Solution?

Have you ever considered starting your own business in a private studio salon? It has all of the up-side with virtually NONE of the downside.

Salon Plaza Studios offer a really wonderful solution for salon booth renters.

When you open a salon with Salon Plaza you get a private studio that is all yours. You get to name your salon, set your hours and create an atmosphere that perfectly suits you. YOU are the Boss!

This sounds amazing!

Did I mention… it’s YOURS!!

Salon Plaza Studios come fully equipped with everything you need. You’ll never have to worry about insurance or overhead costs. And you don’t have to go it alone. We help you get started with awesome community support.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what our Members have to say: “Why Salon Plaza”

Running your business out of a studio salon is the perfect way to make your dreams come true.

Freedom Prosperity Community

At Salon Plaza, we want to show you first hand. It’s time you took a tour of a Plaza location near you in Virginia or Maryland.

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