April 12, 2013

Richmond VA Nail Tech Reveals Her 3 Must Haves for the Perfect Salon

Let’s Be Honest

Nail Studio Richmond VA Keta Jackson Dezinerz Edge 5If you work hard and play by someone else’s rules, and you’re not quite living the lifestyle you crave, it’s easy to fall into a trap of feeling stuck and frustrated.

And if every time you take a step forward and change salons, you wind up no further ahead, how can you possibly create any kind of serious hope for your future?

I’ve made it my mission to help nail techs enjoy more happiness, freedom and wealth. So if you want to wake up everyday feeling positively energized and fulfilled, keep reading because…

Abundance isn’t something we get – It’s something we tune into

I’ve been with Salon Plaza since the day they opened in February 2012 in the White Oak Shopping Center. 

Before I found Salon Plaza, I changed salons a lot because I was looking for the perfect salon. I even did nails out of my home for many years just to have things the way I wanted.

Because, you see, in someone else’s salon, it’s never quite right

Even as a licensed, independent booth renter, the salon owner makes the rules.  One salon owner even told me what to wear — All black, with make-up, jewelry and heals required.

Hey, that might be fine for someone else, but that’s just not my tomboy style. It’s important to look neat, but that was over the top.

And beside, you can’t lift a pedicure bucket to the sink in high heal shoes!

Running your own business is all about making your own rules

Nail Studio Richmond VA Keta Jackson Dezinerz Edge 4

Salon Plaza gives you the advantage of owning your own salon without all the stress. There’s no maintenance to worry about. Unless you want an assistant you don’t have to hire anyone. And they provide you with liability insurance.

My clients really appreciate the personal service and privacy where they can escape from all the daily stresses. For peace and quiet, we just shut the door.

What I love about Salon Plaza is that when you leave at the end of the day and come back the next, everything is exactly the way you left it.

My 3 Must-Haves of a Perfect Salon:

1. Run It Like a Business

I have my business degree and worked in the corporate world for many years.

2. Be The Entrepreneur

The difference between the corporate world and being an entrepreneur is you don’t have to follow someone else’s rules. You get to set your own. With less politics, I get to focus on serving my clients.

Nail Studio Richmond VA Keta Jackson Dezinerz Edge 63. Create The Right Atmosphere

Clean, quiet, with everyone getting along together, each in our own private space, at Salon Plaza we all can make money and do right by our clients.

How about you? What stops you from getting what you truly desire?

I know what it’s like to struggle trying to work for someone else. And believe me, there’s a much easier way. Running my salon from a Plaza has been truly amazing and life changing.

  • If you are tired of struggling without getting the results you deserve…
  • If you are ready to have more ease and happiness…
  • If you live in Maryland, Virginia or DC then what are you waiting for?

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