Richmond VA Hair Stylist: Healthy Hair Gives Beauty & Confidence

Richmond VA Hair Stylist: Healthy Hair Gives Beauty & Confidence


sheila_ivey_hair_stylist_richmond_va_faithIntroducing Sheila Ivey, owner of Sheila’s Salon in Richmond, VA – Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for August!

Here’s her remarkable story of how she became a full-time hair stylist and salon owner: 

More than “just a beautician”, I help people feel confident and happy in their lives.

Let me tell you how it all got started…

After getting my cosmetology license in 1996, I worked as a hair stylist at Johnson’s Beauty Academy and then at Regis. A few years later I became part-time booth renter at T’s Hair and Nails in Richmond, VA.

I enjoyed the flexibility and independence it gave me

At the time I had another job at a law firm next door to the Federal Reserve building in Richmond. That’s when 911 happened. When the first plane hit the twin towers, I felt it was time for me to leave.

I left that law office, gave my resignation the following Monday, and never came back.

sheila_ivey_hair_stylist_richmond_va_stairsThis was the big turning point in my life –

I realized it’s my responsibility to live my passion and make the most out of my life. I just couldn’t work for anyone else anymore.

My gifts are inside of me, and I believed self-employment would allow them to shine through.

I stepped out and became a full-time hairstylist at T’s

My life is much happier now.  I love being independent and serving my clients, helping them look their most beautiful, healthiest best.

More than two years ago, in March 2012, I took a step up and became a salon owner with Salon Plaza. Even though I moved 10 miles away…

90% of my clients followed me to my new salon

They loved it!

Totally different, it was something they didn’t expect. I’m appointment-based, with 2 or 3 clients in my shop at a time. In this social setting, they enjoy each other.

At first, it was hard because I was used to working with other stylists. It’s good now. This set-up shows me I can be more business-minded and entrepreneurial. What I love about having my own salon space is the independence. Because I set the atmosphere…

There’s a lot less drama

Cozy and comforting to clients, I can offer them more attention. In the privacy of my own studio salon, people open up more, giving me the opportunity to serve in many heartfelt ways.

I’m very versatile with cut and style. I promote healthy hair and only do chemicals as needed. I get most of my new clients by referral. They want to see my work, so I’m on Facebook. My next plan is to market my salon on Instagram.


What inspires me is helping people

I have a passion for giving back to others. Being full-time rather than half-time, I can give them more of what they want – make them look beautiful on the outside and give them encouraging words on the inside.

Let me tell you a story of how I helped someone

I have a client who died her hair blond and decided to go to braids. A year later, when she took her braids out, her hair was matted and damaged really badly.

She called me on a Sunday and came in the next day. I untangled her hair and gave her a protein-based deep condition, touched up her roots, trimmed her ends, and gave her a wash and set.

Here’s another story –

This lady in the photo took her weaves out and saw her hair was damaged.  She wanted to change her look and have healthy hair.  I gave her a wash, a deep condition, cut and new style.

To see more photos of my work, visit me on Facebook

Having successfully raised four children, ages 28, 24, 20, and 19, I’m a happy mom. My husband Lee continues to be a wonderful source of support for so many years.

People choose me as their stylist because I am honest. When it comes to their hair, I tell them what they need and do not tell lies about what I see. My clients respect that and always come back.

sheila_ivey_hair_stylist_richmond_vaI’m all about your healthy hair

If you’re ready for a new style and healthy hair, come into my warm environment and leave feeling refreshed and confident, looking your most beautiful, radiant best!

To make an appointment, call me at (804) 908-0276 or email me at Sivey7@gmail.com

See you soon!

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