February 6, 2013

Richmond Salon Booth Renter – You Don’t Need To Be A Celebrity To Own It


Attention Richmond Salon Booth Renter:
Are you Ready to Own It?

Shadonna Jordan, the owner of Salon of Elegance in the Richmond White Oak Shopping Center, is Salon Plaza’s February Member of the Month. A celebrity stylist, Shadonna’s clients include Johnny Gill, Dave Hollister, Lil Wayne, Clifton Powell, and many more. She has been a business owner and doing hair since she was six!

Here’s why she chooses to run her salon out of a Salon Plaza studio:

 “I’ve always been a salon owner. I choose Salon Plaza because there’s less stress and it’s maintenance free. I lock my door when I leave. It’s easy sailing.”

salon plaza richmond va white oak - salon booth renterAs a celebrity stylist, I work in the entertainment industry doing hair for stars in movies, TV commercials, music – you name it. Some of the big names I’ve worked on are the R&B singers Johnny Gill with New Edition and Dave Hollister of Blackstreet before he went solo.

I’ve cut hair for the rapper Biz Markie, the hip-hop recording artist Lil Wayne, the actor and comedian Clifton Powell, and many more.

As a traveling stylist with over 20 years of experience, I get flown all over the world, first class, limo, the whole bit. I’ve worked on the set in movies like Daddy Day Care with Eddy Murphy, Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah, and publications like XXL Hip Hop Magazine and Vibe Media.

For many years I owned big traditional salons by myself – one with 10 stylists and another with 8. It was a lot to handle with all of the traveling I do. When I got a postcard from Salon Plaza for their new location in Richmond, I took it as a sign. I took a tour.

It looked good inside – it had the appeal I was looking for.

I said to myself, “This is it.” I signed a contract on February 27, 2012.

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The salon makes a good impression on my clients. They like the way I have my own environment, my own space.

Richmond VA Better Than Salon Booth RenterThere’s a wonderful sense of community here. I don’t miss the buzz of a big salon at all. I like my co-workers and the atmosphere around me. We have a close bond like a family. We see each other every day but have our own space.

We are in business for ourselves, no longer just a salon booth renter, but not by ourselves.

This is a better economic set up for me.

Because I travel 2 or 3 months at a time, it’s easier for me not to have all the headaches of a big, multi-chair, traditional salon. It used to be so stressful. OMG.

That’s why I chose to work independently at Salon Plaza.

Stylists who have owned traditional salons really get it. They are used to paying a lot for overhead, managing other stylists, plus all the unexpected things that can happen.

If you own a traditional salon, with the economy the way it is — with overhead being high and having to struggle to keep stylists, it’s very hard. Then the good ones leave because either you are a leader or a follower.

If you are a leader, you have your own mind about how you want to run your own business. There can be only one boss, one manager. Everyone wants to be the boss. Everyone wants to be the leader, but there can only be one leader.

This creates a terrible tension.

You can own your own business with easy access to your salon space whenever you need it. You have control over your own business and can make your own rules.

It’s best if you have some idea what to expect with owning your own business. You need to be well established before you walk into a lease agreement. If you’ve been a salon booth renter, you may be used to paying less. But now you need to have a business ownership mentality.

hair salon richmond va white oak salon plaza - salon booth renter

Why Choose Salon Plaza?

I like the way Salon Plaza helps you get started. They help you get your business plan up and running. They give you a personal website template and make it easy for new and regular clients to find you through a web directory.

With no employees, no maintenance, and a lot less stress, this single chair studio arrangement is much better than renting a booth or owning a traditional salon. Your studio is all-inclusive and furnished. I’ll take that any day. It works for me.

I love Salon Plaza. It’s the best thing they could have invented. I love my situation now. I love it!

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