July 28, 2014

Richmond Hairstylists: Salon Professionals’ Guide To Success


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If you are an experienced salon professional who rents right now, are you content building someone else’s dream?

Unless you have a bigger plan of action, that’s pretty much what you’re doing when you rent a booth in someone else’s salon.

Fulfilling your dreams as a salon professional isn’t about being brainy, beautiful, or lucky – You must master the actions and mindset of other highly successful salon owners. The good news is – you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”

If you want to OWN IT, you will need 3 things:

1. The skills to attract new clients

2. The expertise to keep your clients loyal to you

3. The right salon space to support your dreams

If others have done it, you can too – IF you have the knowhow to get started right and the determination to follow through.

Our FREE Salon Owner Success Quiz will test your strengths and show you how likely you are to succeed.

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Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!

Have you noticed? When you work for someone else, you give up your freedom without getting much back. Freedoms like:

    • Creating your salon’s atmosphere
    • Scheduling your own time (without asking for permission!)
    • Growing your clientele YOUR way

If you’ve ever thought it might be easier to OPEN a salon then to run it PROFITABLY, you are right. Some salon owners work very hard, hour after hour, to support everyone else. After you pay the rent, the water and electric bills, your staff – there might be little left over to pay yourself.

Sure is Discouraging

Considering all the costs and competition out there nowadays, it is getting more discouraging than ever. Did you know? 95% of all salon failures are caused by a lack of business skills.

And you?

If you’re like most hairstylists, you put your time and energy on serving your clients and creating beauty – and not on the nitty gritty of understanding how to run a profitable salon business.

No wonder so many excellent stylists struggle on the business side of things.

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There IS a way to own your own salon that WORKS in today’s economy – WITHOUT handing out huge pile of up front cash, hiring and managing employees, and oh-so-much drama!

Salon ownership isn’t right for everyone. Is it right for you?

Find out how to…

  • Choose the right location and salon name
  • Attract new clients and keep them coming back to you
  • Become the “beauty consultant”, with skilled style and hair care consults
  • Recommend products to keep them looking their best in between appointments
  • Cultivate referrals – Don’t wait for referrals to happen “naturally” – you must make it easy and desirable for your happy clients to bring in referrals to your chair.

Yes, You Are Right

You can OPEN a salon more easily than you can run it PROFITABLY. With the high rate of salon business failures today, before you make the decision to make it on your own, it’s important to ask yourself –

“If I opened my own salon today, would I succeed?”

Owing a salon that attracts and keeps clients, gives you freedom, is innovative, unique, inspiring and consistently MAKES MONEY may seem like a dream that’s out of reach.

And yet… if you live in Maryland, D.C. or Virginia, your Space for Prosperity is right at hand!

But first… See if YOU have the skills of America’s highly successful salon owners…


Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!

Best of all… it’s FREE!

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