October 15, 2014

Pain Relief and Relaxation with Massage Therapy in Fredericksburg VA



Pain Relief & Relaxation Starts Here…

You Can Live Without Pain!

Massage is not just a luxury.

It can and should be part of your routine to improve your health and well-being. Massage helps to PREVENT injuries by helping your body work at its best.

So often we are busy taking care of others that we forget to take time for ourselves.

Massage targets and releases tight muscles, leaving you with a greater range of motion and a sense of deep peace.

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for!

Visit David Hyde at the D. Hyde Therapeutic Massage in Fredericksburg, VA

“I had my 3rd session and scheduling my forth this week. I highly recommend David. Ladies, please don’t shy from his services because he is a man. David is professional and very conscientious of your comfort zone. This is a small location in a salon center shared spaced, private individual by business owner. Visit his site, make an appointment but try once and you decide.”          ~ Crystal B.
Mostly women come in to see me. Then guys come to me after their wives tell them to.

People don’t know what it is they want; they just want to feel better. I interview them and find out what they want to accomplish. That’s what I work on, either relaxation or pain relief.

My clients look for Total Relaxation, Stress Relief, or Pain Relief

Customized to the needs of each client, I offer integrated sessions with deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, and sports techniques, as needed.

Schedule an Appointment Now

I keep my prices reasonable to encourage my clients to visit more frequently as needed. When you come in for your first appointment, we will discuss your concerns and plan your session based on the outcome you desire.

At D. Hyde Therapeutic Massage, you get the FULL 60 or 90 minutes that you have scheduled. This time is for you. Let’s make that time the best investment you could make for yourself.

“Had my third session with David yesterday. He never disappoints and is very efficient and professional. Like the other reviews mention- you definitely get your money’s worth!! Highly recommended.” ~ Kelly D.

New Client IncentiveGet 10% Off Your First Visit

When you call to make your appointment, be sure to mention this offer!

6 Reasons Why Therapeutic Massage is my “Guide for Success 

Salon_Plaza_Fredericksburg_David_Hyde_21. Certainty –

With my Salon Plaza Studio, I have my own space. I can create a peaceful atmosphere where my clients can relax and unwind.

I’m not working for someone else and don’t have to follow someone else’s rules. I can make my schedule in the way that serves me and my clients best.

This gives me a lot of freedom.

2. Variety –

It’s exciting to be able to help my clients – everyone needs something specific to them. When they are finished – relaxed and without a care in the world – it feels great.

I have time to do what ever I want to do and don’t feel tied to this room. I talk with people and do chair massages at colleges and churches.

I get them to become clients and visit my business.

3. Being Unique –

My clients tell me that among all the places they been, they’ve never had the type of service I give them. I put a lot of care into it – a lot of life experience. I do massage because I want to. I have the passion and the desire. I’m not here just to make the day go by. I’m here to help people and that shows.

“Fantastic experience all around. David is a true professional. You never feel rushed and he focuses on whatever areas you request. It is truly an individualized massage. I purchased a membership after my first visit and have never felt better! I highly recommend David’s massage services.” ~ Lisa A.

4. Feel Connected –

With massage, I’m serving in a very personal way. I feel very connected to my clients – I know all about them. Also, I feel connected to Salon Plaza. I have a lot of good relationships with the cosmetologists here. The stylists who are my clients are more apt to send their own clients to me.

David_hyde_massage_therapysalon_plaza5. Opportunity to Grow –

I grow and change every day. The more I work with people and get connected, the more I change personally. It’s important to have a mindset of wanting to help.

Also, owning my own business gives me the opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur. Just look at all the things I do now to build my clientele. That didn’t happen in the auto industry.

I’ll be at the Fredericksburg Health and Wellness Expo in April. Look for me there!

6. Make a Contribution –

Massage therapy contributes to the well-being of others, improving their health and wellness. The more I see the fruits of what I do, the better I like it. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. My clients speak for themselves –

Had my first session with David this afternoon. Wow, that was awesome! He was so professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He knew what he was doing. I felt not only relaxed when I left but hopeful that someone could finally help my trouble spots. I have already made my next appointment for next week! So very affordable, you get more than your money’s worth with David! ~ Joseph F.

If you are a first time visitor to my D. Hyde Therapeutic Massage, let me offer you this Special Incentive to come in and try it:

New Client IncentiveGet 10% Off Your First Visit

When you call to make your appointment, be sure to mention this offer!


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