October 30, 2015

Open A Salon With Salon Plaza: Newlywed Completes 10 Hidden Rules


Open a Salon with Salon Plaza Like Rory and Dina Sevajian

Open A Salon With Salon Plaza

Who Else Saw Salon Plaza’s…

10 Hidden Rules for Salon Owner Success“?

Our September Member of the Month, Dina Sevajian, completes our countdown with Hidden Rules #5 through #1

A Paul Mitchell Educator and Salon Owner in Sterling VA, you may know her as hairstylist Dina Hyman

This Newlywed just got back from her honeymoon in Costa Rica! If you ever wanted to open a salon, then check out Dina’s…

Top 5 Hidden Rules for Salon Owner Success

#5 Listen to Your Clients

Years ago I went to college to become a Special Ed Teacher. That’s when I took a class in talking and listening… how to understand what someone is saying.

As a hairstylist, this becomes really important! You might think you understand what your client wants, but you might not. Do a thorough client consultation. Even for someone who has been in your chair for years and hasn’t wanted a change, always listen first. This quality time makes them feel like they aren’t just a number.

How to do an Effective Client Consultation:

  • Let them talk, don’t say a thing. Their first reaction might be…

“You’re the professional, do whatever you want.”

  • Still check on their everyday routine, where they work, and what their life is like. Find out what they want and be able to adapt it to work for them. What we think we want may not be what we need. Educate them as to what might work best.

This really happened:

A client who was about to have a baby asked me to cut off her long hair. Instead, I suggested that getting use to a short bob when you first have a baby might not be a good idea. And when your hair is long, all you have to do is put it in a ponytail. She said, “You know you are right, didn’t think of that.”

  • Give options. Don’t just say, no that won’t work. Instead, say something like: “You know, that might not be the best thing for your hair type… ” and then give them something else to consider. Otherwise, they might feel ‘stupid’ for wanting something.
  • Salon Plaza Sterling VA Dina Sevajian owns a salon with Salon PlazaEducate. Let them hold the blow drier and curling iron. Teach them how to do it so they can recreate the look that you gave them.
  • Products are absolutely key. Ask what they use at home and educate them as to why they need a particular product. The #1 reason why clients hate to buy a product is because they are not using it right. They don’t know the difference it can make!
  • Love what you do and it will show. My favorite thing is color and style. If someone wants to completely change their look, that’s how I can get the most transitioning and shock factor. I also love doing weddings and the feeling of getting the bride ready for her big day. How about you?

#4. Build Workplace Relationships

Owning a salon is one of the scariest jobs. You don’t have control over your business. Your stylists may even want to leave and take your clients.

The antidote? Develop great relationships with your stylists! Invest back in your employees. Keep out of the drama going on around you.

If YOU are the employee or rent a booth, look for a salon that invests in you and helps you to grow. Respect your boss and the other employees. This is the best way to create more happiness and security in your work life. Want more help with this?

Owning a salon with Salon Plaza is not nearly as scary… Sign up for Salon Plaza’s Success Blog right here:

What Every Salon Owner or Stylist Like YOU Should Know about owning a salon with salon plaza

#3. Never Fear Your Destiny: Embrace It Whole Heartedly

While I was in school studying Special Ed, my life took a complete turn – my mom got sick and was diagnosed with cancer.

At the end of the day, my family is absolutely #1 for me. I wanted to be the one to go to her appointments and sit with her through chemo. Thought it would be a set back to my career, but instead I am in the best place in my life because of it.

While I was waiting to go back to college, I wanted to do something and always liked the beauty industry. Originally, I thought I’d do hair temporarily until I could go back and finish my degree. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be a hairstylist, I wouldn’t have believed you!

Not that I was against it, I just wasn’t the little girl who did her doll’s hair. I don’t have that story.

But I fell in love with it, and with teaching at the Paul Mitchell school. That’s where I met my husband Rory! There’s a reason for everything. Don’t fear your destiny: Embrace it fully with all your heart.

Oh, about my mom…  She’s doing well and is one is my biggest supporters. That’s her and my dad at my wedding in the photo below.

#2 Learn About Business: How It Works

Salon Owner Dina Sevajian with mother and father - salon with Salon PlazaThe backend business of a salon is a lot to handle. Most cosmetologists, even some who already own a salon, don’t realize what goes into it.

Some don’t want to sell products because they think they’re being a sales person. Because they don’t want to be too pushy, they’d rather not try to up-sell their services.

Both are important!

There’s often a gap between knowing how to do hair and how to run a business. Even if college and paperwork are not your things, take a course in business management if you decide to open up your salon with Salon Plaza.

I went to Nova – a Community College in Northern VA – and took business courses there. Discover the HOW and WHY to overcome your fear of sales...

#1 Get a Mentor

My father, who is a business owner, has taught me a lot. He’s in commercial granite and marble – nothing to do with the beauty industry in the least.

Find someone who can guide you. Usually, people who are successful enjoy helping others. It doesn’t have to be in our industry – just look for someone who is good in business. You can have more than one mentor!

My best suggestion for finding a Mentor is to look to Salon Plaza – stay current and sign up for this blog – it’s chock full of great advice for growing your salon with Salon Plaza and staying motivated.

Salon Owners & Independent Beauty Professionals… Click Here:

What Every Salon Owner or Stylist Like YOU Should Know about owning a salon with salon plaza


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