August 21, 2015

Open a Salon with Salon Plaza: 10 Hidden Rules for Success


Salon Plaza Open A Salon Meet Successful MembersWho Else Wants Our Secrets of Salon Owner Success?

Who Else Wants To Open A Salon?

Owning over 600 prospering studio salons in Virginia and Maryland, Salon Plaza Members know something about how to open a salon and create a successful business.

Over the years I’ve been privileged to interview more than 55 of the most successful Salon Owners in VA and MD. These creative and prosperous cosmetologists run their own salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio.

Here’s a countdown of the Top 10 insights they’ve shared:

Beware: These secrets may not be what you’re expecting…

10. Stop Wasting Time

What do you spend your time on right now that if you knew you only had [insert short time period] to live, you’d quit doing right way?

First, on my personal list is watching TV. I threw mine out 15 years ago and never switched to online sources of the same thing. The hours this has opened up has nearly given me a second lifetime to live!

Why spend your precious time watching people pretend to live pretend lives? Guestimate how many hours you spend a week watching the “boob tube” on one device or another.

According to Nielsen, the typical American watches 4 to 5 hours of TV every day. That adds up 35 hours a week. In a year, that’s 2 months of nonstop TV-watching. Over 65 years, the average adult will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

9 YEARS???

  • What worthwhile, life-enhancing experiences have you been missing?
  • What goals could you accomplish in the next day/week/month/year after you rescue your time from TV squander?

Make a list... And
quit watching TV!

9. Double Your Discipline

duck_airport_you_can_do_itRight along with eliminating time wasters, bumping up your career to open a salon means you’ll need a bit more discipline than is typical in our society.

Living even a moderately disciplined life will change your future right now.

You know you should be taking care of certain things, but your habits, thoughts, and emotions are keeping you from doing what needs to be done. Stop misusing your mental muscle in this way.

Instead, when you open a salon, focus on being an effective person. You can put this to work, right away. Here’s how:

First thing in the morning before you get busy with the usual, put your time into something you know you should do but don’t want to do.

What’s your list of unfinished business? Does it include attracting more clients with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Here’s mine:

  • Get up-to-date on my bookkeeping
  • Auto-detail my car
  • Study my current online business course of choice

Start DOING what needs doing. The items backlogged on your “to do list” drain your energy. Once you’ve taken care of unfinished business, it will be a happy day when you’ve freed up enough energy to start an exciting new project you’ve always wanted to do… such as open your own shop?

Imagine the impact on your career!

8. Love Your Body

The body is our vehicle for this life. Take care of it.

Years ago, when I was just crossing over from childhood to womanhood, an uncle of mine out of the blue asked me…

“What’s your philosophy in life?”

I stammered…

“All things in moderation.”

He thought that was a pretty poor motto, but over the years I’ve stuck with it.

Sure, I pump it up a bit by climbing a 14er (that’s a mountain that tops 14,000 feet), and sometimes I skip getting enough sleep for a good enough reason… but overall, this balanced approach to living has served me well.

  • Time for sleep and reflection
  • Time for action and community
  • Food as medicine: a fresh, vegetable-rich diet
  • And plenty of exercising.

salon plaza salon owners climb peaks

I’m 55 and often mistaken for being in my early 40’s! It’s never too late to identify YOUR balanced life. What would that look like? If you’ve been practicing thoughtful living, how could you tweak it better now that we’re all getting a little older?

7. Release Your Fears

Do you keep a journal? This is your private place to air out everything on your mind without holding back. If you’re missing out on this mental and emotional release, then begin one now.

Start by listing your fears. It’s amazing how this simple step helps you to stop the circular thoughts that paralyze you from finding solutions. Doing this will free up your emotions so that your challenges aren’t so scary. You will be able to focus on something more productive for a change.

To identify these private demons, ask yourself,

  • What makes you feel less of a person?
  • When are you not quite right with the world?

Write about it. Every one of us has personal failures and private demons. It doesn’t mean we have to live in fear.

Despite what pop culture leads us to believe, there’s no such thing as “normal”. We each must come to terms with who we are here and now. Then decide how to move forward with the cards we hold to create a more fulfilling future.

The most successful people on the planet do this. You can do it, too.

6. Tell the Truth

Stop lying to others and to yourself. People tend to lie in order to protect their own ego. This doesn’t mean you should begin to deliver “the truth” to everyone around you. Considering each person has a different perspective, the “truth” is hard to see.

Living well means being tactful and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Telling the truth also doesn’t mean answering every question you are asked. I’m a literal person – whenever someone asked me a question, I felt compelled to answer. This was draining. Many of these inquiries fell in the category of “none of your business.” I stopped this nonsense when I realized I wasn’t required to answer.

Prepare in advance your own methods of saying, “no comment”. Say no politely, with a smile, but firmly and without explanation. It’s an important step to open a salon and becoming the master of your own fate.

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