August 4, 2012

Open A Salon Secret #7: Hidden Truth of Salon Owner Success


And then there are all the OTHER costs – like water and electricity…

Ever think about the nitty gritty of salon maintenance? What if a faucet is leaking or a light doesn’t work… or worse? When drains clog, water lines break, and your air conditioning quits working on the hottest day of the summer – who will you turn to then? And what will it COST you?

Tag, you’re it!

Maintenance, recruiting and managing staff, keeping all their chairs full – owners of traditional salons have lots of variables to think about.

Still Thriving In A Slow Economy

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The good news – The salon and spa industry is much stronger than the general economy. In 2011 total revenues for hair, skin and nail services plus retail sales of products grew 4.2% – nearly 3 times faster than the economy as a whole.

Nail care rose a phenomenal 24.5%, the fastest increase ever!

What’s growing:

•Salon visits

•Product sales

•Requests for services, especially for hair color, straightening/smoothing, and basic cutting and styling services.

What customer’s want:

Salon clients want personalized, private services and are moving away from the big, older chain salons. This upswing is expected to continue over the next 5 years.

But beware!

It’s easier to open a salon than to run it profitably. Among all businesses, traditional beauty salons have the second highest failure rate. That’s because most owners don’t run it as a business but treat it like a job.

As a salon owner, you won’t be able to depend on your beauty skills alone – what matters most is how you run your business. That’s why, if you want to make it as a salon owner, you’ll need to grow as a business owner, too!

Salon Secret: 95% of salon business failures are due to a lack of management skills

How about you? Most likely, you’ve focused your time and energy on being a great stylist and creating beauty – not on learning how to run a profitable business. Many who start a salon believe that if they’re a great hair stylist, they must know how to run a hair salon.

But the salon secret is, being a stylist and running a business are two totally different things. No wonder so many excellent hair stylists really struggle to grow and run their business… profitably!

With the high rate of salon business failures, the most important question is…

How can you gain the skills to set up and manage your business and be a salon owner success?

To help salon owners make that transition from the provider of services to the owner of a thriving beauty salon, we’ve created 52 KEYS: A Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Success.

If you’re an enterprising hair stylist, barber, nail technician or esthetician who wants to take responsibility for your career and flourish, this Guide to Success was designed for you. Whether or not salon ownership is in your future, if you’re reading this far, then I know you are serious about investing in yourself and growing your career in as a beauty professional.

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - salon secret

Succeeding is not a matter of luck, circumstances, or fate. Set all excuses aside –

The power to achieve the life of your dreams is in your own hands.

I will make you a promise. If you want to transform your life as a beauty professional, these 52 Amazing KEYS to Success will show you how to grow your clientele, give you a greater sense of freedom and control, and help you make the shift from an ordinary to an extraordinary existence.

The alternative is to keep on working to build else’s dream. But working for someone else means you must give up a lot of control for not much money. If in your heart of hearts you want to be your own boss and own your own salon…

Discover Salon Plaza – The Space For Prosperity


We are a Community of Independent Salon Owners – each with individual talents and personal style. As Members, we know what it takes to succeed as salon owners because – we’re doing it!

Thousands of Independent Salon Owners Succeed with Salon Plaza

To help YOU get started, we’re offering you these 52 practical and specific KEYS on how to open a salon, create it to suit yourself, and succeed as the owner. We’ll let you in on what our most Successful Salon Owners are doing to keep their clients happy and their chairs full.

You’ll get 52 entertaining, “no holds barred” action steps ANY OF US CAN USE at lightning speed to achieve a new level of happiness, vision, purpose, and profit.


Get ready to embark on a journey to create the life you always dreamed of when you became a beauty professional…

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - salon secret



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