Open A Salon Secret #5: Your Plan For Client Reception

Open A Salon Secret #5: Your Plan For Client Reception


How you handle your client reception area will be KEY to the success of your salon.

Imagine this.

Here you are, a brand new salon owner, dealing with inventory, repairs, billing, staff… either acting as the receptionist or managing one – you feel like superwoman or superman – or are simply just worn out.

own a salon reception appointment booking - client receptionHow can you work both as a stylist and a receptionist without letting your appointment calendar give you reasons to scream?  Should you hire someone for client reception? How will you set their wage, handle taxes and other employee issues?

Wow, this is starting to get complicated…

Because this is so difficult, new technologies for client reception can come to your rescue. First of all, if you want to run your salon effectively and be able to follow up efficiently with clients, throw out your appointment book… Automate your booking system!  If you don’t, you will have a hard time keeping track of who hasn’t been in for awhile, what services they might be needing, and a host of other really key insights that will make a huge difference in how you build repeat business.

As an alternative to hiring someone for client reception, you can use an interactive monitor to create an inviting welcoming area, take walk-ins, and alert you as the stylist… virtual client reception! Just imagine… no sick days, no paid vacations, no health insurance… and no payroll!

Salon Plaza provides one of these interactive monitors in each Plaza location, but for traditional salons…

There IS one hitch – it’s expensive to put it in place and maintain. 

But don’t throw out this idea too fast – Hiring someone for client reception takes money and management time too. If you do plan to hire a receptionist, a lot more challenges will come up. Whatever you decide, know that consistent, predictable, reliable service makes a positive impression. Clients want to know what to expect when they come under your care.

At the end of your service, are you suggesting products to help them keep looking their best in between appointments? You can double your bottom line by selling them the products they could buy elsewhere. Be a consultant – they look to YOU to care enough to keep them looking great!

Of course, offer to set the next appointment before they leave. Many will find this a real timesaver.

The point is – Never forget where your bread and butter will come from. How you welcome clients, take payments, and book appointment’s are key factors to consider before opening your own salon.

Here’s your “Client Reception Check List”:

1. The method I will use to book appointments:

2. How I will follow up with new clients:

3. How I will follow up with regular clients:

4. How I will follow up with previous clients:

5. My consistent approach to greeting clients:

6. After the service, my consistent approach to taking payments, asking to set another appointment, and sending them on their way:

Is salon ownership in YOUR future?

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