July 3, 2012

Open A Salon Secret #4: How To Find, Hire, & Keep Great Hairstylists


hiring great hairstylist when you open a salonIt’s hard enough just to BE an employee – Think how hard it must be to HAVE employees!

Or, Keep Great Hairstylists.

As a salon owner with several chairs to fill, you have a major challenge.

You must find, hire and keep great hairstylists and other salon professionals who share the same dream and commitment to professionalism as you do.

That’s a 92% Train Wreck You Can Avoid!

When you hire hairstylists and booth renters in your salon, you will have many distractions. Vacation days, maternity leave, maintaining the salon’s image and level of professionalism.

Even if you are willing to deal with the distractions, the reality is the salon industry AVERAGES 40% yearly turnover. That means you will be replacing nearly half your staff – EVERY YEAR!

40% Yearly Turnover is HUGE!

At Salon Plaza, we show you how to hire and keep great hairstylists in our video –  7 Secrets For Salon Success. It’s fun to watch with a lot of really helpful business tips about hiring great hairstylists and getting more salon clients.

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How Salons Can Build Strong Client Relationships

When you open a salon, here’s more to think about than just hiring great hairstylists.

Strong relationships with clients make for a stronger salon.  But when client relationships are built around salon professionals you’ve hired, you know what can happen. Your staff gets good at bringing in their own clientele… and then they leave to start their own salon!


Especially if they take YOUR clients with them!! But who’s clients are they? That’s an important industry question. Most often, it’s decided by the client. Right now, if you’re thinking of leaving your current situation, that truth can work FOR you.

But after you open a salon, if you have chairs for other stylists to fill, this can work AGAINST you.

Will Your Stylists “Take Your Clients And Run?”

That’s why, if you rely on your staff for cash flow, you must continually focus on building their loyalty. Then the challenge becomes, how can you pay your staff right so they remain loyal top performers and YOU stay profitable?

Designing the best pay system for your salon is a complex puzzle whose pieces must all fit together right. It will take plenty of fine-tuning as you go. For instance, will your salon rent booths or pay employee commissions?

There is no one-size-fits-all payment plan that works for all salons.

Advantages of Single-Chair Studio Salons

For some salon owners, there’s just too much DRAMA in having other stylists work for them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a highly profitable salon WITHOUT having to manage other stylists?

Here’s what one of our Independent Salon Owners at Salon Plaza has to say:

“I love the freedom of working for myself, without employees or someone else’s rules!” 
~ Kristan Young, JUST KRISTAN’S, Virginia Beach, VA

If you are ready to find out more about how YOU can be in business FOR yourself… but not by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. To discover more about what it takes to grow a successful salon, watch our 7 Secrets of Salon Ownership video.

“7 Salon Owner Secrets” covers our FAQs – most frequently asked questions:

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Attention Cosmetologists:

Now, more than ever, your ability to make a profit will get challenged – with heated-up competition to offer LOWER prices in a downward dance to the bottom.

BUT… you can actually RAISE your prices without losing customers! If you have the right tools.

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