Open A Salon Secret #2: How To Keep Your Clients

Open A Salon Secret #2: How To Keep Your Clients


hair salon open your own salon Richmond VA - keep your clientsBefore you decide to open your own salon…

You’ll have a far greater chance of success if you already have a solid book of business.

Then you can hopefully keep your clients when you move…

Of course, you’ll want to keep your clients. That’s where your bread and butter come from. Before you make your move, let them know you’ll be starting your own salon – hey, that mean’s you’re successful!

When you move to a Salon Plaza Studio, you can tell them about the privacy they’ll enjoy and the convenient parking. Give them your new address and an incentive to visit you there.

Remember, you’re asking them to change their habit of where they go to get their hair done. So give a little.

Ideas From Successful Salon Owners to Keep Your Clients:

  1. Offer a special service – for free! Something that doesn’t cost you a lot, like a conditioning treatment, or a mini bottle of nail polish in their favorite color.
  2. Start a referral program – For example, if they bring a new client, they both get 15% off on their next service. (Tip: Think long term. That new client may become a regular, and they BOTH might bring you more referrals!)
  3. As a reminder, give them a certificate! – Include your new salon name, address, and why the move will be better for them – more parking, more privacy, better hours… and mention the bonus gift or service.

As long as it’s about them, they’ll feel curious to see your new place and help you get off to a good start.

Here’s a real secret of success:

If each client comes a little more often to your salon and spends more when they get there, your profits will begin to soar. Remember, it’s 10 times easier to do more business with existing clients than it is to sell to someone who has never used your services.

When clients come in more often, use more services, and buy more products it’s better for you both. Plus, happy clients mean more business from word-of-mouth.

To keep your clients, build your their trust and keep your competition at bay, you must be willing to stay current, improve your skills, and invest in yourself as a professional stylist – That means keeping up to date with the best training.

By competing with service, not on price, you are more likely to attract—and keep your clients. Highly trained stylists who build positive relationships will keep their clients loyal and get more word-of-mouth recommendations.

Want to know more about how to keep your clients and build their loyalty?

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