Online Scheduling for Salons: Salon Plaza Partners with Rosy Salon Software

Online Scheduling for Salons: Salon Plaza Partners with Rosy Salon Software

Attention Salon Pros:

Online Scheduling Just Got Easier!

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If you’re tired of juggling appointments for your salon, then maybe it’s time you signed up for an online scheduling service.

And the best news?

Salon Plaza Now Partners with Rosy Salon Software

Rosy makes online scheduling a snap!

Our Member Salon Owners are in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves. They want to grow their clientele and fill their book without hassles. And they want the FREEDOM to focus on what they loving doing most. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best online scheduling software for salon professionals.

Freedom, Growth and Prosperity — Salon Plaza is all about giving you the support you need so you can live life on your own terms.

Salon Plaza Supports Members with Online Scheduling

When it comes to an online scheduling, simplicity is key. Salon Plaza Members realize their time is valuable. If you’re one of our Members, chances are you already know how to market yourself and stay organized. Of course, Salon Plaza Members can use the online scheduling app of their choice.

But why add more complexity to your day-to-day routine? If you want easy-of-use with your online scheduling and payment processing, then Rosy Salon Software is your best choice.

online scheduling Rosy testimonialsIf you haven’t already, we recommend taking advantage of our online scheduling platform customized exclusively for Salon Plaza Members called “The Suite Desk”.

And with good reason!

Why Rosy?

It’s hard to ignore the benefits you’ll gain with this leading management tool for beauty industry professionals. Specifically intended for salon pros, it’s DESIGNED with you and your salon clients in mind.

You’ll have access to an appointment calendar, marketplace listing, and more! You can also create personalized services for clients interested in booking online. This flexible and user-friendly app allows your clients to book their next appointment with ease — directly from your website or business Facebook page.

Or you can schedule the appointment for your client in just a few clicks. Meanwhile, you’ll view the client’s history and be able to send personalize reminders.

With Rosy, you’ll create a beautiful mobile-friendly site that clients can access on their mobile device. 100% compatible with any device, Rosy gives you the power to live life on the go…

What could be more freeing than that?

Grow Your Business and Make More Money!

Rosy software connects with your business Facebook page where you can share your specials and promotions with your clientele. Going forward, clients can book their appointments through your business Facebook page.

Facebook integration will help you to maintain a strong online presence as you build relationships with new and repeat clients. For inspiration on how to best promote your talent, discover how Salon Plaza Members build their reputations online.

Another breath of fresh air, Rosy’s Inventory Management feature lets you know when you’re running low on products. Never be out of product or over order again. Your shelves will always be stocked!

As a Salon Plaza Member, you keep 100% of the profits on product sales.

You’ll know exactly what products to order, and sales will go UP!

The easy to use Point of Sale feature also lets you add new products. Enjoy fast and easy checkout of clients. Manage your cash drawer, gift cards, and all of your transaction types without any hassle.

Set Up a Rewards Program

As an experienced Salon Professional, you already know how important referrals are to your business growth. Use the Rewards feature to encourage referrals, online client scheduling, retail purchases, and much more.  In 10 minutes or less, you can design a loyalty program that encourages frequent visits and more spending on services and products.

Your customers will feel rewarded while your business grows.

Automatic Text and Email Messaging

Without any effort on your part, your client will receive a text message to confirm the appointment. When their appointment is coming up, a text message will alert them!

Just think how productive Rosy’s easy scheduling and automatic follow-up will allow you to become!

Your Rosy account includes email marketing. This makes it easy for you to do the following relationship-building tasks:

  • Acknowledge clients when they schedule
  • Send them reminders just before their visit
  • Keep in touch between appointments

What’s the benefit? Right at the start, email marketing helps you stay connected with clients without having to write and send each email by hand.

An added plus, you’ll be able to sort your clients into lists based on what you learned about them in past appointments. For instance, you might want to group clients according to the services they receive, their hair texture, how often they visits, as well as their age, zip code or personal interests.

That way you can send an email tailored to that group’s needs. Don’t be afraid to send emails to specific clients about special offers, contests, or new products.

What should your emails say?

If you’re ready to set up automatic emails to your list, discover Salon Plaza’s inside scoop to craft emails that get appointments like magic in 11 minutes or less.

Frees You Up to Do What You Do Best

Sounds like this might be the best recipe for attracting new clients like crazy!

Salon Plaza Members’ special relationship with Rosy Salon Software has lots of benefits. It lets you manage your online calendar, send confirmation emails, and save client payment info that’s ready to use for their next appointment.

The best part is, you can access and manage Rosy appointments from anywhere. Your clients will appreciate the user-friendly simplicity, too.

And what do others have to say? Rosy earn 5 stars on the independent software reporting service Capterra!

Rosy online scheduling 5 stars

Check out these salon pro testimonials for Rosy.

Salon Plaza has found the best online scheduling software to suit you and your clients’ needs. Go ahead and sign up for Rosy today and start booking more appointments from right away!

Not a Salon Plaza Member yet?

Maybe It’s Time YOU Owned It!

Salon Plaza provides experienced salon professionals with ready-to-open luxury studio salons. You studio includes everything you need to get started and make a go of it –

  • Lock and key to your Private Luxury Studio Salon
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  • Wifi, utilities and maintenance — all included!!
  • Feel safe and protected with 24/7 Security Cameras and…
  • $1,000,000 in Professional Liability Insurance
  • Attract new clients with a searchable, personal website
  • Stay sharp with continuing education and business support
  • Online scheduling and much more…

As a highly skilled, independent Salon Pro in Virginia or Maryland –

You owe it to yourself to find out more about Salon Plaza…

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