November 22, 2013

Succeed “Beyond The Chair” In This Fascinating Book for Cosmetologists


Salon Plaza's Shadonna Jordan - Beyond The Chair book for cosmetologists“Shadonna is proof that if you follow your dreams and desires, they can come true.”

~ Lil Duval, stand-up comedian and host of “Ain’t That America” on MTV2

Do YOU Have Dreams Beyond The Chair?

New Book for Cosmetologists by a Cosmetologist!

If you are a salon professional who wants to get the most out of your cosmetology license, see Shadonna Jordan’s newly published book for cosmetologists – Beyond The Chair. Her celebrity clients include Lil Duval, Dave Hollister, Lil Wayne, Johnny Gill, and Clifton Powell, to name a few.

Shadonna loves to inspire others to dream big. As a celebrity hair stylist and barber, she is fulfilling her dreams and her passions.

How About You?

Salon Plaza recently interviewed Shadonna about what motivates her to help enterprising cosmetologists extend their career “beyond the chair.”

Be sure to read to the end of this post – you’ll be invited to ask Shadonna your most pressing questions about how to succeed as a platform artist.

Salon Plaza: What motivated you to write your book for cosmetologists? 

Shadonna: To be an inspiration and guide for others who want to get the most out of their career. This is not a ‘tell all’ book about the celebrities I’ve worked with. This is a book for cosmetologists and will show you how to think and become successful in your chosen career. I wrote it to motivate, encourage and empower your life’s dreams.

Salon Plaza: Can you tell if a salon professional is ready to make it as a platform artist?

Shadonna: The most important question to ask is, “What is your level of dedication?” This business will change your life. It takes time and energy to develop your portfolio. You’ll be away from home, spending your time catering to others. Your success depends on the quality of service you provide – that’s what it’s all about.

Ask yourself, is this your passion or just a way to make money? I always believe if you follow your passion you will be successful. No one will have to make you do it – you’ll do it because you love it.

If It’s NOT Your Passion, You’ll Never Make It.

The second most important question is, “What is your skill level?” Be really honest about assessing your skills. Be willing to take classes, get additional training and stay up to date. My newest adventure is to get certified in trichology, which will allow me to diagnose and treat hair loss.

HOT TIP: Always do two things well, such as hair stylist and barber, or hair and makeup.

Shadonna Jordan with Lil Duval Beyond The Chair - book for cosmetologists

Salon Plaza: How can a cosmetologist who wants to become a platform artist get in front of the right people?

Shadonna: The secret to getting started is to ‘be able and be flexible’. Go to hair shows, conventions, and your local radio station. These stations know who is coming to town. By telling them who you are and what services you provide, they’ll advertise for you in case someone may need you.

It’s a great way to get your foot in the door!

When artists come to town be available. Call to see if they need a service. Arrive early and be good at what you do. Be sure to look and act as a professional. Always keep your business card handy.

One thing I’m glad I did right from the start is to take pictures of the celebrities I’ve worked with to document my years in the business.

As cosmetologists, you have many opportunities beyond the chair, such as Victoria Secrets fashion shows, TV production – virtually endless jobs once you are licensed.

Salon Plaza: After you get started, how do you stay motivated?

Shadonna: As a platform artist you will experience ups and downs that test your resilience. Be strong willed and stand your ground. Don’t be easily influenced by your surroundings. Know who you are before going into this lifestyle.

7 Tips For Staying Confident:

1. A high skill level will boost your confidence

2. Aim to be the best at what you do

3. Get additional training – always be learning

4. Pay attention to your self-talk – keep it positive

5. Be around positive people because their energy will rub off on you

6. Take care of your health. Get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise

7. Let stress roll off of you and do your job no matter what.

Salon Owner Secrets To Success - 7 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Getting Started - book for cosmetologists

Salon Plaza: On top of all of your travels and work with celebrities, you own the “Salon of Elegance” at the White Oak Shopping Center in Richmond, VA. Why do you run your salon out of a Salon Plaza studio?

Shadonna: The location is excellent. I love the atmosphere and being my own boss. In fact, I just expanded to a larger studio. With a coffee bar and Wifi station, it offers a more social atmosphere. My clients can sit under the dryer and use their laptop. They love to be able to relax, get a massage, and receive a wonderful hair service.

A True “Salon of Elegance” Experience

To own your own salon, you have to think of yourself as more than just a hairstylist. You have to be dedicated and be willing to promote yourself. I found my gift from God early in life. I hope my book for cosmetologists, Beyond The Chair, will help bring out the entrepreneur in YOU!

If you are a talented, dedicated, inspired cosmetologist who wants to get “beyond the chair” – I invite you to email me with any questions at


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