September 16, 2012

New Hair Salons in Sterling VA – Salon Plaza Opens in October


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This is a story about passion…

The passion to set your own schedule, leave when done, never have to ask permission… the PASSION to own your life and be your own boss. Is this you now?

Or are you tired of having to check in, check out, and work in total chaos?

New Hair Salons from Salon Plaza are Now Open In Sterling, VA

That’s what happened to one of our newest Salon Plaza Members, Debby Gibson.  Seven years ago Debby worked a huge, thirty-chair salon in Sterling. For six years she played by someone else’s rules.

Then it happened! 

She found a better opportunity and opened her own single-chair salon.  It was a BIG improvement.  With just herself and her clients, gone was the drama. She could do what she loves to do — give lots of personal attention, one-to-one, the way each client prefers and deserves.

Unfortunately for some of her clients, her new salon was on the second floor with no elevator.  And parking was limited. Because her salon was in an office building instead of a shopping mall, it wasn’t well lit at night.  When the days were long in the summer, it wasn’t so much of a problem. But by Fall and through the winter, it mattered. Many of her clients didn’t quite feel safe.

Finally… Salon Plaza comes to town with new hair salons!

After waiting seven years, Salon Plaza came to Sterling, Virginia. The first Member to sign up at the new Plaza, the advantages are clear to Debby.  Her new Salon Plaza Studio is on the ground level, with no steps, ample parking, and its own entrance to the Plaza. Situated in a shopping center, with a grocery story and restaurant on each side, walk-ins are to be expected.  What a relief to be able to buy lunch nearby without having to get in the car and drive!

When I asked Debby what percent of her current clients would follow her to her new location, she said, “99%, really all will come. All have pre-booked their appointments. They will like it better. With more lighting, they’ll feel safe, especially now that it’s going to be dark by 5:00 soon.”

What do her client’s say?  No one cuts their hair like she does. It grows out so well that months after the cut, her clients still get compliments. Her secret?  Unlike many stylists, she listens exactly to what they want.  Also, the color looks natural.

Something amazing –

Some of her clients who have moved away can’t find anyone who does their hair like Debby. Either they can’t follow the same cut or the same color. Sometimes the new hairstylist calls to find out how she did it! Right now, every few months, four clients drive an hour to get their hair done with her. Distance doesn’t matter to her most loyal clients!

Here’s a story for you – one client moved to Paris for 3 years.  Even in PARIS, she couldn’t find anyone there to do color right.  Twice already, when her company sent her to Florida for work, she bought a ticket and flew up to see Debby to get her hair done!

Salon Plaza Sterling VA Debby Gibson client  - new hair salonsAn American Board-Certified Hair Colorist since 2007, Debby has taken classes with Redken in New York City and flies to LA for 2 days of extensive classes every three years. Debby’s ultimate dream is to work 6 to 8 hours, 4 days a week and only 3 days in the summer!

Her main source of new clients is referrals. She is well-known among teachers at nearby middle and elementary schools, which helps build her client base.

Dedicated to caring for her clients, Debby cuts hair for cancer patients at their house when needed.  She also visits those who are homebound or disabled and is on the Hospice list for hair stylists in the area.

Debby is the Plaza leader for Salon Plaza Sterling.  Why did she choose to be the leader?  She answered, “Because I can do the job. I’ll help keep all the spaces rented by putting fliers out, Facebooking everyone, and putting an ad on Craigslist. I want to make sure everyone has the chance to succeed and has a fun place to work.”

A hairstylist for more than 20 years, she chose to become a beauty professional to make people feel happy and better about themselves.  She says,

“You can have a bad day, but when you come into the salon to get your hair done, it just changes everything!”

No matter where clients are going, they always need and want their hair done.  With her great skills as a beauty professional, business owner, and friend, I’m sure Sterling will soon become one of the top Salon Plazas anywhere to be found!

To discover if Salon Plaza in Sterling VA is the answer to YOUR prayers, contact Debby Gibson, Plaza Leader, at 703-444-7660 or Julie Badura, Area Leader, at 540-338-5147.

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