April 11, 2014

Natural Hair Care Expert In Woodbridge VA: Marketing Secrets Revealed


Salon Plaza Natural Hair Care Woodbridge VAAward Winning Natural Hair Care Salon Owner At Salon Plaza Reveals Her Marketing Secrets To Attract Clients Like Crazy!

Let’s continue our conversation with Salon Plaza’s April Member of the Month, Kisha Saunders, owner of Chic of Essence Hair Salon in Woodbridge, VA…

What did you do before opening your own natural hair care salon at Salon Plaza?

Kisha: Before opening Chic of Essence, I worked at a couple of salons as a booth renter and on commission. As first it was exciting, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to be running my own salon.

I often saw things differently than the owner…

• I wanted to push the flow of advertising to attract clients and keep my chair full

• Dealing with different personalities took energy out of my day

• I wanted an atmosphere that focused on the client. When you’re in an open salon with several booths, clients don’t want to hear the back and forth chatter. It could be as simple as the music or what’s on TV offending them

• I had no control over my own schedule – when a stylist didn’t come to work on any given day, I would have to fill her spot.

At Salon Plaza, I don’t have to deal with any of that.

Sounds like you were ready for a change. How did you find Salon Plaza?

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Chic of Essence resized 600Kisha: One day when I was shopping at CosmoProf in Woodbridge, I saw the Salon Plaza “Coming Soon” banner. Other stylists had mentioned it to me as well. So I decided to do a search for it –

Salon Plaza Woodbridge is easy to find on Google. When I saw the Salon Plaza website, I thought…

“Oh sweet, this is nice.”

Right away I called and got my name on the waiting list. I kept checking in and checking in.

Finally, in the winter of 2013, I got a postcard in the mail saying they would be opening soon. I went in and filled out the application. I was weighing the pros and cons because I had only been working in my current salon in Manassas for less than a year.

I didn’t want to bounce around.

But then I realized that it is more beneficial to own my own shop than to be building someone else’s dream. When I got approved I went with it and stared my natural hair care salon in April 2013.

What do you do to attract more clients and keep your chair full?

Kisha: I send out postcards, hand out business cards, and show up on Facebook, YouTube, and StyleSeat. To make sure I’m easy to find on the web, I have a lot of free advertisements with links to my Salon Plaza personal website like thumbtack, Google, black hairstylist, yelp, yahoo, merchant circle…

Try Googling “master hairstylist Woodbridge VA” – I come up 5th in the searches with my FREE Thumbtack listing:

Salon Plaza Master Hair Care Woodbridge

If you are looking for “natural hair care in Woodbridge”, I come up #9. Not bad for FREE! Also, I pay to show up in the newspaper and yellow pages. Asking clients to give you a review really helps to get noticed too!

To encourage referrals, I give clients my business cards and ask them to hand them out. And yes, I do give a Referral Reward – ask me about it! I’ll consult with you and you’ll know how you can get into my referral reward program.

My next goal is to get out in the community more to become the go-to person for  healthy, natural hair care.

Is Salon Plaza the way you expected it would be?

Kisha: Yeah and neigh…


I’m loving it. I’m doing everything I dreamed about. I get to close the door and enjoy privacy with clients, decorate any way I want, set my own hours… so many reasons to love running my salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio.

Everyone here is great – staff, everyone is awesome. Leader and working with Julie – makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Being at Salon Plaza is stress-free, I must say.

Salon Plaza Woodbridge VA Chic of Essence

Neigh –

I can’t believe it’s happening. I own my own natural hair care salon now. This is still unbelievable to me.

What is one thing about Salon Plaza that you would change if you could?

Kisha: I’m pretty much content. I already moved up to the next size studio when one became available.

Do you have any encouraging words for an experienced cosmetologist thinking about joining Salon Plaza?

Kisha: If you value your privacy and one-on-one time with your clients, Salon Plaza gives you that. You can advertise all you want.

You never have to worry about cleaning up behind somebody or ask permission to go to a doctor’s appointment. You’ll have the comfort of your own space and be in control of your own schedule, with no drama.

At Salon Plaza, you are your own boss. What you do here is what you make out of yourself. It’s up to you. No one can tell you that you can’t do this.

You have your own will.

If that sounds unbelievably fabulous and you live in Virginia, Maryland or DC then don’t take my word for it –

Take the tour and find out for yourself…

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Salon Plaza: Your Space For Prosperity!


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