January 7, 2013

Natural Hair Care Expert In Baltimore – Salon Plaza’s Featured Member


Natural hair care expert in Baltimore MD

Keeping it Professional and Fabulous and Au Natural

With Natural Hair Care Expert Ayana in Baltimore…

Hi, I’m Ayana, owner of Kinkz Coilz and Curlz Natural Hair Care Salon. You can find me in the Liberty Court Shopping Center in Randallstown, MD.

I am a natural hair care expert, which means I don’t use any chemicals on my clients’ hair. I do braids and twists and show them how to keep their hair healthy and looking great in between appointments.

Once I saw what natural hair could do, I fell in love with it. Now I want everyone to embrace their natural self and be who they truly are.

Ayana is an excellent stylist, who works with clients to ensure great hair maintenance, styling, and treatment. I LOVE my current 2 strand twists with flat twist on the side. My hair is a canvass for me, and Ayana is a true artist. Cannot wait to twist it out into something new. ~ KJ

Life takes twists and turns to wind up where you are meant to be.

Back in high school I got my cosmetology training and became licensed. But when I started having children, I went to work with Corporate America and let it lapse. When the economy turned, I kept getting laid off. I got tired of looking for work and being dependent on someone else to give me a job.

By nature, I am very independent. In September 2010 I left the corporate world and became a natural hair care expert and stylist. Less than 2 years later, in June of 2012, I opened my own salon with Salon Plaza.

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Before starting up with my own place, I worked in the beautiful natural hair gallery and spa in Baltimore called na-klectic. This was a great starting place – a launch pad for running my own salon. I learned a lot. It was the perfect place to learn from others and sharpen my skills.

But after awhile I was ready for a change.

I wanted to expand and have a space that would truly be mine. My sister who lives nearby recommended Salon Plaza. When I went to take a look, I liked the environment. I was able to get the largest studio in the building.

Because I kept good client records, it was easy to email everyone, let them know I’d be leaving, and tell them how they could find me again. Most of my clients stayed right with me! Knowing that I would start out with a solid clientele gave me the confidence to make the leap to real independence with Salon Plaza.

I keep my clients loyal by caring about them and providing quality services.

Ayana did an EXCELLENT job and made sure that I was comfortable. I can’t wait to come back! ~ J.S.

Natural hair care expert in Baltimore MDAll of the products I use are natural. I take pride in my work and am very honest with people.  If I’m not able to do their hair in the style they desire, I can refer them to someone else, or just let them know it won’t work for their hair.

My clients say I’m creative and dependable. I take in consideration that they have other things to do. Their life doesn’t revolve around getting their hair done.

For each client, I create a unique style that fits his or her facial features. I never do two styles the same.

“I am in love with my style. It’s styled just for me and it is ideal for work and play. I have versatility in my style and the quality of my hair is better. My hair is growing beautifully and it’s healthy and strong. Ayana is a great stylist and hair care specialist. I highly recommend her to do my hair and anyone else’s hair because she knows her craft!” ~ FB

What I love about Salon Plaza is that it allows me to have my own salon without having to worry about maintenance issues like electrical or plumbing. There’s a lot less overhead than I would have if I owned my own building. Taking care of maintenance would really eat into my profits.

Being with Salon Plaza has helped grow my clientele, especially with all of the traffic we get at the Salon Plaza Baltimore –

It’s a great location for walk-ins.

Natural hair care expert in Baltimore MDBeing a natural hair care expert and owning my own salon gives me more independence. In someone else’s salon, you have to go by their rules and regulations. You have to keep their hours and schedule, sell their preferred products, and cater to their type of clientele.

At Salon Plaza, you can set up your own environment to reflect you.

Now I set own hours, decorate the way I want, and build my own type of clientele. I am completely free to close my door for privacy or keep the door open for more salon buzz.

My goal for 2013 is to get my cosmetologist license reinstated. I have the training. I must study on my own and re-sit for the state board. I plan to take the first part of the test – Theory – by February 28th. Next, I’ll get the Practicals done and have my license by the end of April 31st.


If you’re an independent natural hair care expert and dedicated like me, Salon Plaza could be the answer to your prayers.

Why wait?

Find out by visiting the Plaza nearest you.

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