March 12, 2014

Money Making Marketing For Hair Salons & Stylists – Website Tips


website tips for salon owners heart resized 600Attention Hair Salon Owners:

Salon Plaza’s Website Tips For FAST Money Making Marketing & Growth

Your website is the ideal place to communicate with your potential new clients. You can also encourage existing clients to come in more often and request more services.

These are your 3 best ways to Accelerate Your Income Growth

  1. Attract More Clients
  2. Increase the Frequency of Visits
  3. Increase their Spend per Visit

Well-crafted money making marketing messages will help you achieve the income growth you desire.

But most salons don’t clearly communicate to their prospects that they have found the right place to get what they want. Here’s how to spell out to your website visitors why YOU are the preferred provider of hair care services and get them to make an appointment:

What Is Money Making Marketing?

Marketing is communication that attracts new clients and encourages your existing clientele to use more of your services, more often.

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How To Put Marketing To Work for YOU:

Focus on what your clients really want. For instance, instead of just a haircut, perhaps what they want is healthy hair that makes them look younger. Effective marketing doesn’t just give a hint or beat around the bush. Find out the outcomes your clients truly want and communicate these benefits clearly.

How Do I Get My Preferred Client’s Attention?

If you want to be heard, understand that you’re competing for your prospect’s attention. Your prospects are busy. If you don’t grab their attention immediately, it’s likely that you won’t get it at all.

Even more, than with other stylists, you are competing with attention-grabbing time-snatchers like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. That’s why your marketing message must grab your prospect’s attention in just 3 seconds flat.

What NOT To Do:

Too much talk about yourself, your company, or your products and services has a simple result: Visitors leave your site disinterested, with unanswered questions and unmet needs. This is what’s know by Internet marketers as “BOUNCE” – visitors who spend just a few seconds on your website before they leave, never to return.

What You MUST Do:

In those first few seconds, you must answer 3 questions about your business:

  1. What is it about?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What’s in it for me?

Your visitors want to know immediately that they’re in the right place to find the kind of services and benefits they seek.

New visitors to your website want you to talk about them and their wants – not primarily about yourself, your company, and your products.

Your visitors want to know what’s in it for them – what they’re going to get. Make sure you communicate what you offer with words and images. Say it and show it as quickly and clearly as possible. Talk to them directly, using the words “you” and “your” often.

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Your Next Step:

Challenge yourself to achieve power and simplicity by answering this question for your preferred prospects and existing clients who land on your website:

“What is the one single most important benefit I will get by becoming a patron of your salon?”

Tell us your answer or ask a question in the comment box below.

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