Melvena Rawls - Supreme Styling Studio Woodbridge - Wins Award!

Melvena Rawls – Supreme Styling Studio Woodbridge – Wins Award!

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Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month

Congratulations to Melvena Rawls, owner of Supreme Styling Studio at Dillingham Square in Woodbridge, VA. Here’s why we chose Melvena to be Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for February:

Melvena’s imagination, creativity and love of doing hair distinguishes her from other hairstylists. Starting to do hair in high school, she went to cosmetology school soon after. Licensed for 17 years, she has owned a salon with Salon Plaza for 4 years.

Let’s discover why her clients love her so much:

“She’s really good. She listens.”

My ‘specialty’ is that I do everything: Every type of hair, every texture. I enjoy hair weaving and can do any style you want. Government and military men and women work in the area, and I do a lot of them.

I love it when they go to a military ball and want something fancy. I enjoy that, and weddings, too. It’s so much fun being creative.

Salon Plaza Melvena Rawls Supreme Style StudioOne thing my clients say about me is that I am consistent and dependable. When you’re my client, I will listen to you, and can give you my professional opinion on what would look good.

Together we can create something beautiful. I use my imagination to see you looking a certain way, so I can bring it to life. This will make you really happy.

It’s What Keeps Me Going

When you come in, you’ll feel like I’ve always been doing your hair, even if this is your first time. Focusing on healthy hair care, I’m down to earth and keep my prices reasonable. It’s hard to find someone like that.

My clients like that they are in and out, with two at most in my shop at any one time. I keep a strict schedule, which keeps them from waiting long. It works out good when everybody comes on time.

I really like to do hair. If I ever reached the day when I didn’t have to work, I’d still do hair because I like it so much. My clients notice that. You can book an appointment with me –

Call (313) 673-4943 or visit Supreme Styling Studio

Working as a Team

For about a year and a half now, I’ve had Ronetta in my shop while she works on getting her license. Under the apprenticeship program, she’s expanding her clientele and skills. My clients love her.

Salon Plaza Melvena Rawls Supreme Style StudioShe can perform any service I do, but just hasn’t been doing it as long. She shampoos, applies color and does hair braiding and twisting. She’s a fast learner and very helpful. I hope she stays with me when she gets her license.

If she chooses to work with me, I’ll get a larger studio or a second room.

Ready to Expand Now!

When working with others, it’s important to me to be a team. That way, the responsibility is on all of us – if the client isn’t happy, we can resolve any issue right way. Ronetta is a team player – we are not like a boss and an employee. We work together so well, people love our relationship.

Why Salon Plaza

Having heard about the studio salon concept, I was searching for something like it. I wanted to get away from where I was and open my own shop.

At the same time, I didn’t want to take on anything too overwhelming. One day, I happened to be in the Dillingham Square Shopping Center and saw this sign –

“Salon Plaza Coming Soon”

Without delay, I called to inquire and got in… right at the nick of time! At first, being on my own was scary. Before becoming a Member of Salon Plaza, I never had any responsibility of running a business.

Salon Plaza Melvena Rawls Supreme Style StudioTruth is, I love being on my own, owning my own place and being my own boss. I get to control things. I’m not a control freak – I just like doing things my own way. And the privacy is a big plus.

Especially when a client has cancer or alopecia, having a private studio is really important. They don’t want anyone in the room with them. It is so worth coming to Salon Plaza, even if it were just for that.

Benefits of Opening a Studio Salon

With a studio salon, I’m not responsible for other personalities. Hiring and firing sounds like a big headache. I want to enjoy my work. I don’t want to run a shop and loose my passion.

To succeed in this industry, you need to have an inner drive to do things right. And these days, it’s hard to find people who consistently keep their standards high.

By running my shop out of a Salon Plaza Studio, I make more money. I never made much when working for someone else. Besides, I like being my own boss. I couldn’t go back and work in someone else’s salon, ever. I’ll never do THAT again.

Advice to New Salon Owners

Salon Plaza Melvena Rawls Supreme Style StudioThis business is so competitive, I have built my business by word-of-mouth, referrals and by going to hair shows. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

My advice to new salon owners that you have to promote yourself. Stay diligent with your hours. If you don’t go to work, nothing’s happening for you.

In this business, you can fade out real quick. That’s why you must put your all into it. If you need more business, ask for referrals. Take time to hand out business cards and update your social media sites.

If you keep your standards high and are dependable, Salon Plaza will give you the space to succeed. Want to find out more? Why wait –

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