Let Salon Plaza's Members Guide You To Success - Follow This Recipe

Let Salon Plaza’s Members Guide You To Success – Follow This Recipe

Salon Plaza Salon Owner Community Members of the MonthSalon Plaza’s Members Rock…

Salon Plaza Celebrates Its Members with a New Logo!

With over 600 Members who own a salon with us, many of Salon Plaza’s Members have found their Space for Prosperity.

Each month we choose one Member who is an inspiration and guide to other aspiring Members.

We picked 12 to be the face of our Community

We choose our Members of the Month based on their ability to grow and contribute to our Community. They take action in ways that give lasting fulfillment to themselves, their clients, and their relations.

These cosmetologists are among our most enterprising, caring, and talented Members.

“Will you join the list of our most successful salon owners this year… or next?”

Meet 12 of our Celebrated Members –

Top, Left to Right:

Salon Plaza own a salon open a salon

Rachel Vicari at Fountain Square, Richmond VA

Rickisha White at Liberty Court, Baltimore MD

Erica Drayton at Broad Creak Center, Norfolk VA

Terrell Newman at Chesterfield Towne Center, Richmond VA

Left Side:

Lance Van Auken at Hilltop, Virginia Beach VA 

Kinda Hamm at Fountain Square, Richmond VA

Right Side:

Danielle Buckson at Golden Ring, Rosedale MD 

JoAnn Kohut, Waldorf MD

Bottom, Left to Right:

Kristan Young at Hilltop, Virginia Beach VA

Shadonna Jordan at White Oak, Richmond VA

Keisha George, Laurel Center, Laurel MD

Shante’ Harris, Largo Town Center, Largo MD

Although each of us is unique, as human beings we are wired deep in our psyche with the same needs. The popular personal growth coach Tony Robbins gives a recipe for fulfillment with these 6 Human Needs: Certainty – Variety – Significance – Love – Growth – Contribution.

Many have found that Salon Plaza offers the right combination of all six. Take a minute now and reflect on your own career just as it is, right now. Take a clear look – nothing added, nothing deleted. Rate the following from 1 to 10, with 10 being as good as it gets.

  1. Certainty – Your sense of security and stability in your life
  2. Variety – Enough change and challenge to keep it interesting
  3. Significance – A feeling of being special and able to make an impact
  4. Love – Feeling connected to others and valued
  5. Growth – Improving your skills as a cosmetologist and in life mastery
  6. Contribution – Making a difference for something larger than yourself

Within each of us is the drive for fulfillment… the desire for a meaningful life

Understanding which of these basic needs you are trying to meet in any given moment can help you grow as a person and find fulfillment in life.

Our next Member of the Month will tell his story about how he found his Space for Prosperity – coming soon!

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