For Salon Pros: How to Create a Killer Facebook Ad that Works!

For Salon Pros: How to Create a Killer Facebook Ad that Works!

Killer facebook ad salon plazaFacebook Ad Advice For Salon Pros Who Are Ready to Take the Plunge

If you are an independent salon professional with a strong online presence, then you may have already tried to create a killer Facebook ad to fill your book. For sure, if it doesn’t draw attention, get clicked and lead to more bookings, what’s the point in spending money on advertising?

On the other hand, if you’ve been holding back on getting started, we’re here to show you what works… so you can create a winning Facebook ad the first time you try it.

If you want to get more clients using Facebook, then your ad had better WORK. Not already an expert on how to create a Killer Facebook Ad? Then get ready. In about ten minutes YOU will be!

Salon Plaza is all about empowering your desire for growth, freedom and ownership. We believe that you deserve this in all aspects of your life. That’s why we’re sharing our secrets about how to create a Killer Facebook Ad so you can do more of what you love to do most.

Before we get too crazy with the secrets of designing your ad, first you must decide what your offer will be. How creatively can you answer these questions? (Imagine you are speaking with one your favorite clients.)

  • What is your offer?
  • Describe the problem it solves?
  • What desired benefit does it give?
  • Why will your client be compelled to take you up on your offer?

Feeling ready to make it happen? Let’s begin!

Create a Killer Facebook Ad with These 6 Steps:

1. An Attention-Grabbing Headline

There’s no way around it: Facebook Ads with a strong headline get noticed. Therefore, be specific about the value the visitor is about to get. Although you have room for 250 characters, the best attention-getting headlines contain 4 to 6 words at most. Be brief! Short headlines help you create curiosity without losing the point.

Another tips is to use specific numbers. A dollar amount works better than a percentage – “Save $20” beats “Save 20%”. Another way to get clicks is to offer something for FREE. Can you think a benefit that you give without additional charge anyway? Something like a head massage or initial consult

Another secret? A question mark creates curiosity. And surprisingly, stating the negative actually works.

Killer Facebook Ad Headline Examples:

  • Save $20 on Balayage. WOW Guaranteed.
  • 3-Step Color Secret of Celebrities?
  • Fix Nightmare Hair: FREE Consultation!

In short, the key is to make your prospects want to find out more!

2. Ad Text 

The Ad Text will appear above the image. While the Headline grabs attention, the Ad Text backs up its statement with a short description of your offer. “Short” means fifteen words or fewer, so you must be concise and to the point.

Remember the questions you answered a few minutes ago? Be sure to describe the benefits of your offer from your CLIENT’S point of view, not from your vantage point as the stylist. For instance, if your Headline is:

Best Balayage in Sterling. FREE Photoshoot

Your Killer Facebook Ad Text might read:

Do you live in or near Sterling? This is for you!

We are looking for 5 women who want to transform their look with Balayage. Photoshoot included.

More Tips: Use the words “you” and “your”, which helps the reader relate to the ad. What’s more, creating a feeling of exclusivity is also irresistible. For example, numbers give you an advantage when used to show scarcity, social proof, or a dollar discount.

3. Image 

Good news – Facebook Ads are VISUAL. Of course, this works to your advantage as a salon professional — you are in a visual industry, for sure. Because you want your clients to look and feel great, your ads will need to look and feel great to your viewers.

That’s why your ad should include an enticing picture related to your offer. Choose an image that is attractive and feels positive. For instance, you could choose a smiling face – the kind of smile that shows some teeth. Eyes should look directly into the camera.

An image like this holds your client’s attention and beckons them to learn more about you:

Killer facebook ad image

Hot tip: A flash of bright red is the secret sauce that creates urgency for the viewer to “Learn More”.

4. Description 

Appearing under the headline, the Description gives the reason why viewers should click on the link below. In your Killer Facebook Ad, use positive words that get a response – words like You or Your, Win, Best, Free, New, Now, or Today.

Staying with our Balayage example, using the words “LIMITED AVAILABILITY” or “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” would play along with the scarcity message.

5. Caption 

The Caption is where you put the link (URL) to your website page that you want them to visit. Never advertise online without linking to your website promotion page! Your complete URL looks something like this: http://www.newyouhairsalon.com.

Facebook lets you link to a specific page — the one that describes your offer — if you have one. To make it easy, bring up your destination page and simply copy what’s in the browser at the very top of the page. Then paste it as the Caption in your ad.

In the Balayage example, your URL might look like: http://www.newyouhairsalon.com/balayage

6. Call-to-Action (CTA) 

Your Call-to-Action is a button that shows clients where they should click to get your offer. Clicking the button makes it easy for prospects to land on your site and learn more. That’s why your CTA must direct viewers to take a specific action.

The most popular CTA is “Learn More”. If your offer is a product for sale, you can use the words “Shop Now”.

There you have it!

As soon as you’re ready to give it a try, these 6 steps are all you need to create your Killer Facebook Ad. And if you’re an independent salon artist with the marketing skills to match your creative, independent spirit, then you’re already ahead of the game.

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