October 14, 2012

Keep Your Salon Chair Full – 4 Keys To Your “Attraction Magnet”


salon booth rental own a salon - salon chairAttention Beauty Professionals:

If you want to keep your salon chair full, consistently and effortlessly, start by creating your “Attraction Magnet”

Whether you have a multi-chair or a one-chair salon, you must become REALLY GOOD at communicating the right message to the right people. 

Having a clear message written specifically about your unique skills for your market is the basis of creating marketing that works and keeps your salon chair full.

How To Write Great Headlines, Compelling Content, and a Call To Action

To create powerful messages, you must know your own strengths, desires, and skills. You must also have a feeling for the challenges, fears, hope and dreams of the people you can best serve.

Great marketing materials – fliers, postcards, or online… anywhere you choose to market yourself, takes a little writing. Does that sound hard? Does it make your eyes roll and cross?

Marketing is a Conversation

Here’s a secret about how to write persuasively to fill your salon chair, when you never thought you could. Think of a client who is “ideal” – the kind you’d like to get more of, just like him or her. You can even call up that person and ask them to help you with a little marketing project. Record your conversation, if you have an easy way to do that.

Now just begin talking with them – for real, or in your imagination. Record or write as if you were having a one-to-one conversation with that person. Just like you do when he or she is in your chair. One-to-one.

A general message to everyone attracts no one. Your marketing message must describe the problems you solve and the solutions you provide. We have a FREE process that will help you discover your strengths. Then we help you uncover what motivates your clients to choose you as their hair stylist, nail tech, or esthetician.  You can find out all about it here:

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - salon chair

In the meantime, keep in mind that every marketing message has these 4 parts:

1. Headline 

2. Pain / Benefit Description

3. Call To Action

4. Contact Info

To write a compelling headline, copy the wording of other proven successful headlines. Change a word or two to make it fit your clients and your services. Write several, even 50, to get the hang of it. Pick out the best 5 and show them to your clients. Ask which they like best… and why!  By going through this process, you’ll learn a lot about how to write compelling headlines for your audience.

Our 52 Keys Salon Success System provides you with 100 of the most successful headlines ever written. Be sure to sign up… it’s FREE!

Your pain/benefit description focuses on the end result of what your future clients want, not a laundry list of what you can provide. Talk about the pain or benefit mentioned in the headline. Add testimonials from your clients. Tell their problem and the solution you provided. After you became their stylist, what changed for them? Add before and after photos, or a photo of a finished look, even if it’s in black and white.

Your Call-to-Action is essential – and often overlooked. Tell them what you want them to do, such as, “call for an appointment.” Don’t leave the “command” out, even if it’s obvious to you. There’s a lot of psychology in marketing.

It’s best to give them some kind of special offer or reason to call. This does not necessarily mean a price discount.  It could be an additional service that costs you little and is valued. One of our successful Salon Owners, Keisha George of Textures Hair Studio in Laurel MD, would say to potential new clients, “Keep my number. Just in case your regular stylist is out of town or can’t fit you in when you need her or him most, call me!”

Your Contact Information should be current and correct. If you have a preferred way to be reached, give that. However, it’s best to have several ways to get in touch, such as online, two phone numbers… Make it easy for them and your marketing materials will work better.


Now you know how to create your “Attraction Magnet” – your marketing materials such as fliers, postcards, website content, Facebook Page and anything else you want to use your message to bring in new business.

For more steps to take right now to bring in new clients and keep them longer, check out our 52 Keys To Salon Owner Success System – It’s designed to help you develop your identity as a business owner and an entrepreneur.  Best of all… it’s FREE!

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - salon chair



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