5 Ways to Keep Salon Clients Loyal When Moving to a New Location

5 Ways to Keep Salon Clients Loyal When Moving to a New Location

keep salon clients loyal 5 waysKeep Salon Clients Loyal: What to Do BEFORE you Move to a New Salon Space

If you have a solid book of business already, you’ll want to keep salon clients loyal to you when you move

There’s no doubt about it, your clients are where your bread and butter come from. It’s a lot easier to get more appointments with clients you already have than to start from scratch with new ones.

Consider this: Are they loyal to the salon where you are now, or are they more loyal to YOU? That’s the first question. If you have built a solid relationship with your salon skills and your personality, then you will be the attraction factor, not the salon.

Then next loyalty factor is how far away are you moving? If it’s within 10 minutes or so, you’ll be more likely to keep them. Beyond that, it will depend on where is client is coming from to come see you. Some might live or work closer to your new place!

keep salon clients loyalBefore you make your move, let them know where you’ll be moving and the benefits to them of the new space. Is it more upscale? Will it be sunnier or cheerier? Is it easier access from the freeway?

If you are opening your own salon in a Salon Plaza Studio, be sure to tell them about the privacy they’ll enjoy and the convenient parking. 

Remember, you will be asking them to change their habit of where they drive to get their beauty services. So give a little. Along with your new address, give them incentives to keep clients loyal to you.

5 Ways to Keep Clients Loyal:

1. Beef-up Your Referral Program

Are you regularly asking for referrals? These guests are more likely to become long term clients because you come highly recommended! Make sure you ask them to bring a friend or family member to your new location. Offering a higher incentive than usual will really pay off in the long run.

For example, if they bring a new client, they both get $15 off on their next service. If that sounds too much of a give-away, think long-term. If the new client becomes a regular, then they BOTH might bring you more referrals!

2. Offer a FREE Special Service

What can you give that doesn’t cost much you money? How about a free conditioning treatment? Another ideas is to bulk purchase mini bottles of nail polish in a variety of popular colors and let them choose.

If you are not already offering online booking, this is a good time to add this convenient service. Click to find out about online scheduling for salons.

3. Print Out Fliers to Remind Them!

Include your new salon name, address, and why the move will be better for them – more parking, more privacy, better hours… and mention the bonus gift or service.

As long as it’s not too far from where you serve them now, they’ll be curious to see your new place. And if you are someone who builds warm relationships, they’ll want to help you get off to a good start.

4. Use Search Marketing for Your New Salon

When you move, you’ll need to change your information online to make your new address visible to your current clients. And if you set up your search marketing correctly, you’ll attract new clients as well. Click to discover more about search marketing for salons.

5. Invest in Yourself as a Salon Pro

keep salon clients loyalTo keep your clients, build your their trust and keep your competition at bay, you must be willing to stay current, improve your skills, and invest in yourself as a professional stylist – That means keeping up to date with the best training.

By competing with service, not on price, you are more likely to attract—and keep your clients. Highly trained stylists who build positive relationships will keep their clients loyal and get more word-of-mouth recommendations.

If each client comes a little more often to your salon and spends more when they get there, your profits will begin to soar. Remember, it’s 10 times easier to do more business with existing clients than it is to sell to someone who has never used your services.

When clients come in more often, use more services, and buy more products it’s better for you both. Plus, happy clients mean more business from word-of-mouth.

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