How To Open A Salon - 7 Steps To Freedom Start-Up Plan

How To Open A Salon – 7 Steps To Freedom Start-Up Plan


Are you ready to take the next Steps to Freedom?

Fantastic!Steps to Freedom - Open A Salon with Salon Plaza

Once you’ve filled out your Salon Plaza leasing packet and secured your studio with a deposit, you must take these 7 easy steps to freedom to get your business up and running.

1. Get Your Business Licenses 

Before you submit your license, you’ll need to decide on a name for your beauty salon. Choose carefully – once you’ve chosen a name, it’s next to impossible to change it!

What will you call your new venture? Check out our tips on how to name a salon.

The licenses you will need vary by your Plaza’s location. Ask your area leader which are required in your city.

 Norfolk   Baltimore / Randallstown
 Fredericksburg   Bowie
 Richmond –   District Heights
   Chesterfield   Glen Burnie
   White Oak   Hyattsville
   Pocono Crossing   Largo
   Fountain Square   Laurel
 Virginia Beach   Oxon Hill

2. Open A Business Checking Account

It’s important to the IRS to keep your business income and expenses separate from your personal accounts. First, check the bank you already do business with and ask about the fees for business checking. They are usually different from personal checking.

You might want to ask the same question of a few banks close to your new salon. Your business and personal accounts do not need to be at the same bank, although it’s easier to transfer funds if they are.

3. Choose A Credit Card Company

Your next step is to choose a merchant account to process your credit card payments. You could be on a “cash only” basis, but you will most likely lose business or take risks with personal checks. Before you choose your provider, you have a few things to consider.

Follow this link to find out what you need to know before you choose a merchant account for your salon.

4. Get Your Phone Lines Hooked Up

Call a telephone service to get your new local number. Unless you plan to use a mobile connection, be sure to get a landline for your credit card. You can either get another line for your phone or just use your cell phone as your main business number.

Most Members choose either AT&T or Verizon.  Here’s a link to help you compare rates and get you started:

10 Top Landline Phone Service Providers

5. Let The Right People Know You’re Moving At The Right Time

Your current salon – Be careful here. You’re in a cutthroat business. Keep your move to yourself until your private Studio is ready for you to move in.

Your customers – To keep as many customers as possible, be sure to offer an incentive for them to book an appointment at your new salon. You don’t have to lower your prices. You could give an extra service or gift to those who stay loyal. More about keeping your clients and creating loyalty at your new salon will be posted soon.

6. Get Your Business Cards

Now that you’ve decided on your salon name, your next step is to get your business cards. A great place to design your cards and get them printed and delivered to you is Vistaprint. It’s easy and affordable.

If you want to use a local company, Google “business cards in city” (your city, state) and find out who is having a business card printing special.

Ever wonder, what makes for a great business card?  Give some thought to this marketing trio:

1. Your salon name

2. Your salon logo

3. Your tagline

They need to work together to create your brand.

Here’s a link with some great suggestions on how to design salon business cards that help you attract – and keep – more clients.

7. Order Products To Use And Products To Sell

You can order most of your favorite products through Salon Plaza. Here’s a link our beauty product checklist so you won’t forget anything.

Congratulations! Those are your 7 Steps to Freedom…

Now, to become fabulously successful, there are a few more steps to freedom to think about … Let me ask you a question. If you had the keys to your own salon in your hand right now, how successful would you be? Find out with our Salon Owner’s Success Quiz.

It will only take a few minutes…

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