How To Choose A Google Friendly Salon Name: Baltimore Salons Tell All

How To Choose A Google Friendly Salon Name: Baltimore Salons Tell All


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Every new salon needs a name.

Choosing a Google friendly salon name will help you grow your clientele. 


Think about how many times you used the web last month to find a local service. Likewise, people who are not your clients are searching on Google for a beauty salon or good place to get a haircut in your area.

Your eye-catching Google friendly salon name not only gives you a memorable brand; the right salon name will attract new clients searching for hair salons or beauty salons in the city where you own a salon.

In the “old days” when everyone let their fingers do the walking in that big thick Yellow Pages Book, business owners might choose a name beginning with “A” or “AA Best”. Forget all that now.

Instead, choose a Google-friendly salon name.


Do YOU have the skills of America’s highly successful salon owners? Before you choose a Google friendly salon name, this simple quiz will help you decide if you’re ready to take the plunge and open your own “Space for Prosperity”…


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What’s The EASIEST Way To Get Found On Google?

If you follow these 6 steps to choose a Google friendly salon name, you will stay busy with new business.

1. Start With A Google Search In Your City

Go to Google and search “Hair Salons in Rosedale MD” – use your city or town. Also, search on “Salons in Rosedale MD” and “Beauty Salons in Rosedale MD”. Look at the salons that come up. That shows who you are competing with in the searches.

2. Pick A Spa Name With A “Keyword”

Name your salon with a word that describes what you do and gets searched on a lot. That’s called a “keyword”. Here is a list of beauty services that many consumers use in their searches:

  • hair cut
  • hair color
  • curls
  • bangsSalon Plaza Hyattsville MD Christiane Amboo Weaves Salon - Google friendly salon name
  • hair extensions
  • natural hair
  • facials
  • hair weave
  • eyelash extensions
  • cornrows
  • eyebrow threading
  • perm
  • sisterlocks
  • flexi rods
  • loc styles
  • Nubian twist

To find out how many times a keyword gets searched on, go to Google’s Keyword Tool. Type in your keyword and submit. Sort on “Local Monthly Searches”. With Google, “local” means in the US.

Still, this tool will show you how often your keyword gets searched on and suggest related words. This will give you ideas for naming your salon.

3. Some Words Can Confuse Google

Be careful not to choose a word that has more than one meaning, like “curls”. Search on it and see what I mean. In this case, you can make the search work better by using “hair curls”.

Test your ideas for salon names before you make a decision.

4. Get Started With Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter

Using a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account with your business name improves your chances of coming up in the searches. Keep your social media accounts updated and active by posting frequently. Be sure to respond to comments – people like to be noticed, and Google likes to see the activity.

5. Blog About Your Hair Salon Or Nail Spa

Do you have a professional beauty blog? It’s easy to set one up with WordPress. You can mention your spa name and services many times in a blog, and improve your chances of getting found in the search results.

Even commenting on other blogs and mentioning your salon can make you more visible in Google searches.

 6. YouTube Will Help You Get Found – FAST!

Set up a YouTube account under your salon name. Uploading videos with your salon name in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION of your video guarantees your salon will rank high in a related search.

You could make a video about how to do a particular hairstyle or give “5 Styling Tips.” These videos are easy to make and will have amazing results. If you have a website, give the full URL like this: http://salonplaza.wpengine.com.

You don’t need the “www” anymore, but you do need “http://” to make the link work right.

Give Your New Salon A Head Start With A Google Friendly Salon Name

It’s that simple.

But wait!

There’s more to consider in choosing a name for your beauty salon than just getting found on Google. To get more advice on what you need to know before you choose a name for your new salon, visit our Salon Owner’s Start Up Guide – How To Name Your Salon.

Attention Licensed Cosmetologists: 

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Beauty Salon Owner Success Quiz - Google friendly salon name