October 29, 2013

How Savvy Salon Owners Use Facebook To Attract Clients Like Crazy


Salon Plaza Kinda Hamm On Facebook - attract clients“Who Else Wants To Use Facebook To Attract Clients Like Crazy?”

Savvy salon owners and independent stylists, like you, promote their services and attract clients by asking for referrals, handing out business cards, posting fliers and other guerrilla marketing strategies.

Nowadays, you might also spend time connecting online with friends, colleagues, and clients.

But Is Social Media Really Working Or Wasting Your Time? 

Every day more consumers are using social media networks to find what they want and need. With Facebook’s tremendous database, you have access to ONE BILLION USERS, many of them right in your own backyard, giving you new tools to grow your salon business and help you attract clients.

How To Expand Your Marketing Reach Without Wasting Precious Time & Money

Used correctly, Facebook can be one of the most efficient ways to attract clients, meaning… more revenue and profit without spending a lot of money or time!!

If you have a quiet moment in between clients, or first thing in the morning, you can upload photos and videos to your Facebook page. Visuals will engage your clients, promote your work, and include you in conversations about the latest styles and techniques.

Salon Plaza facebook marketing - attract clientsYou know the saying,

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” 

Photos and client reviews are the Internet’s equivalent to word-of-mouth and it works great. So, get those client reviews and get listed on sites like Yelp.

Search on Facebook for “Hair Salons Nearby”

Go ahead and try it.

When I did this, 5 pages of salon listings came up. By refining my search, I found 4 salons my friends ‘liked’. You know how powerful that is? If your friends like something, it’s a thumbs up for you.

The Stickiness Of Social Proof 

Gaining social proof means gaining trust and acceptance. An action that literally takes seconds provides a lasting recommendation for potential customers needing the same services.

Here’s an example of how Facebook can connect you with your clients, position you as the expert, build your brand, attract clients like crazy…

A couple of months ago, I saw a friend’s testimonial on Facebook about her experience with a new stylist who had transitioned her perm to natural hair. Thrilled with her new twists, my friend posted a self-portrait of her fabulous new look and gave a ‘shout out’ about her new stylist.

Her acknowledgment posted on all of her friend’s pages, including mine, which is how I found out about it. Because her stylist was also connected through Facebook, she also saw the photo. Simply by clicking the share link, her stylist added this testimonial to her own Facebook page. 

Instant Credibility!

Be Smart About Building Your Business On Facebook – Start With These Small Steps:

  1. Set up your Facebook Page – Just click on the link and follow this easy recipe!
  2. Search for your clients on Facebook and connect with them
  3. Start posting photos and videos of your work at least once a week (more is better)
  4. ‘Like’ SalonPlaza’s Page and other company pages that interest you. I found OPI Products (Nail Polish), Isoplus and OptimumSalonHairCare pages just to name a few
  5. Join one or two salon industry groups and participate in the conversation threads.

Establish Yourself As The Expert

Salon Plaza facebook marketing for salons - attract clientsSuccessful salon owners stay current with continuing their education. Facebook Business Pages and Groups will help keep you updated on the current trends.

But there’s more –

Participating in these conversations is a great way to network and become a recognized expert. You can do this right from the comfort of your salon when you have a few minutes between clients.

Sharing On Facebook Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Simply click on the share link and a pop up will ask you where you want to share the post.

Getting in the habit of responding to posts nurtures your relationships. Picture them sitting in your chair talking with you. What would you say? Not responding on Facebook would be like ignoring someone right in front of you.

So do the same on your page. When a client posts a message or replies to the content you’ve shared, respond to them. This is an important strategy when nurturing relationships online.

Use Your Facebook Marketing Time Wisely

Plan to spend 30 minutes 2X a week marketing your business on Facebook. Here are 5 things you can do in 5 minutes each:

  1. Log in to your Facebook page to upload a photo or video and post with a message that informs or entertains
  2. Visit salon industry leaders, your group pages, and product pages that you like for the latest news
  3. Find something to share with your clients from these pages
  4. Contribute to the conversation whenever an opportunity presents itself
  5. Search for other salon professionals and “like” their pages

Stop Wasting Time – Stay Focused!

We all know how EASY is easy to get on Facebook and waste time surfing, playing games, and chatting with friends. That’s WHY I encourage you to set a day and time period to post and interact.

Salon Plaza 7 Secrets To Salon Owner Success - attract clients

Avoid getting distracted!

These action steps will help you begin to build your network online. Connecting with current clients and other stylists will grow your salon’s Facebook presence and build your brand.


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