May 29, 2014

How Salon Professionals Use A Simple Website To Keep Their Book FULL!


Salon Professionals Website List BuildersSalon Professionals: Do you want to grow your client list and keep your book consistently FULL?

You can, with a one page simple website called a “Squeeze Page.”

3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Book Full… Automatically!

To make this simple website grow your business for you 24/7, you will need 3 things:

  1. Your client list must be all in one place, accessible by computer
  2. You must have Internet access
  3. You will need an online service to manage your list, store your pre-written emails, and automatically send them out for you

Are you with me on this? Then let’s get started the easy way…

Step 1: Select A List Management Service

If you’ve been serving clients for any time at all, you already have a client list. But what form is it in now?

  • Scattered names in your hand written appointment book?
  • Or do you have an updated list of names, phone numbers, and emails accessible in your computer?

If you don’t already subscribe to an online list management service, your first step is to get set up. Choose one that is easy to use, provides great customer service and is reliable. Also, you want to be able to add your current client base into their system easily.

Here’s the best one I’ve found, what I use myself, and what I recommend you use…

Best List Service

Once you have your client list safely online, you can start growing that list. Whenever a new client calls or comes in, you will need to capture their information and get their permission to email them.

Don’t SPAM anyone, ever!

It’s not just bad business – it’s illegal! Focus on only sending emails to leads and clients who WANT to connect with you by email. You keep them interested by sending them something of value, such as helpful hair care tips, relevant stories, and offers for special services and discounts.

How do you get your current clients and new prospects to sign up for your emails?  

Step 2 – Create A Simple Website & Invite Them To Join Your List!

Salon Professional Guide To Salon Ownership resized 600

A “Squeeze Page” – also called a landing page – is a very simple, one-page simple website that you set up for the sole purpose of growing your list. Your squeeze page must contain 3 parts:

  1. A message that describes clearly why someone should sign up
  2. A sign-up form on the page that makes it easy for visitors to sign up
  3. Good reasons to sign up – your “attraction magnet”

You need to give your prospects a good REASON to join your list. This could be a free report about hair care, coupons for special services or discounts or an invitation to receive to your newsletter. 

Here a few suggestions for freebies you can deliver immediately when someone joins your list:

  • A free ebook or report on a hair care topic
  • A valuable how-to video about a style or technique
  • Stories of how you’ve helped your clients improve their lives
  • Service upgrades, specials or discounts 

Check out these very successful landing page examples:

52 Keys To Salon Owner Success

7 Secrets To Open A Salon

Will You Prosper As A Salon Owner? Take The Quiz!

On each of these pages, notice how the headline offers a big benefit. The message clarifies the benefits, followed by a strong request to sign up. You must tell them specifically what you want them to do. That’s the Call to Action!

Salon Professional tips to fill your bookWhat sort of freebie might you offer? The answer rests with your target audience.

  • What do THEY want?
  • What sort of problems do they have that you can solve?
  • What hair care tips are they desperate to learn?

Here’s how it works – they give you their contact information in exchange for something they value. Always provide high-quality content or specials. You want visitors to think…

“look at what this stylist is offering for free – I can’t miss out!”

Step 3 – Set Up Your Automatic Emails

Once they’ve opted in on your landing page form, they get the freebie or offer as a download or page to print. Now you can follow up with them by email. Write at least 3 follow-up emails for now. You can add more later.

For tips on what to write about, visit: How To Use Email To Build An Unbreakable Bond.

Now that you’ve written and set up your emails in your List Server, you don’t have to do a thing. You’ll know it’s working when a new or existing client comes in with the coupon or thanks you for your helpful hair care tips.

That’s how you can use a simple website to keep in touch with your clients, grow your list, and fill your book – Automatically!

Let me know if you have a system in place like this and how it’s working for you. Or you can ask me a specific question, and I’ll answer the best way I can. In the meantime…

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