How Oxon Hill Salon Owner Turns Temporary Studio Into Lifetime Success

How Oxon Hill Salon Owner Turns Temporary Studio Into Lifetime Success


Wanda_Berry_Oxon_Hill_Salon_OwnerIntroducing Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for September:

Wanda Berry

Oxon Hill Salon Owner: “BLACK HAIR IS”

With 40 years as a beauty professional, get Wanda’s savvy advice on how to prosper in this industry…

As a little girl, my father owned a barbershop. I could see that making people look good and feel good about themselves was not an easy job. I liked watching the before and after.

That’s when I first got the idea I might want to do hair

After getting my cosmetology license in high school, luck was with me, I worked for one of the first ethnic hair salon chains in department stores. Called Soul Scissors, it was under the direction of Art Dyson. My mentors were pioneers in the black hair industry: Michael Weeks, John Atchinson and Thomas Hayden.

All this training and experience gave me the perfect foundation for moving ahead in my career as a beauty professional.

In 1991 I opened a traditional hair salon with 12 chairs and 12 stylists

Wanda_Berry_Oxon_Hill_Salon_Owner_21I enjoyed managing many different personalities. We shared new techniques and tips with each other for 13 years. I really loved it, but the location was not the best.

Location is very, very important to continually attract new clients and stylists.

Because I couldn’t grow in the location I had, I closed it. Desiring something better, I began the process of opening a new day spa. To make a long story short, when the contract agreement fell through, I decided to take a break and get some fresh ideas.

My “Temporary” New Space

With the intention of staying one year until my thinking cleared, I opened up BLACK HAIR IS in an Oxon Hill Salon Plaza Studio. That was 12 years ago. As you see, I’ve been here much longer.

Why did I stay?

Because all of their advertisements are true!

As a Salon Plaza Member with an Oxon Hill Salon, you can stay independent, set your own standards, and regulate your own hours. The Oxon Hill Salon Plaza location is great, which makes it easier to grow your business.

Here’s something I didn’t think about at the time, but it turns out to be in my favor. With the economy the way it is, I like not having the responsibility of a big space. As I’m getting older, I enjoy staying in the profession with more flexible hours – and not having to make sure other stylists under my direction can make a living.

With my studio salon, I focus on myself and my own clientele.

It’s a wonderful place to work

Wanda_Berry_Oxon_Hill_Salon_Owner_grayI started doing hair 40 years ago. Some of the first clients whose hair I ever did are still with me now. These days, I cater to older clients. They like my professionalism. I can sustain my clientele because I’m dependable.

I’m always asking myself, “What can I do to go in a new direction, help my clients, and make more money?”

Right now I’m marketing my own shea butter line for body and hair. It’s doing very well. It’s so good for your hair and skin, I started sharing it with my own clients. I have fragrance and non-fragrance lines. Now I am branching out into other stores with my own packaging and labeling.

Best part about Salon Plaza –

They really do give you enough freedom to be yourself – be as creative as you want to be. You are your own boss. They will not interfere with your work hours or your work ethics. You can market yourself however you like to keep your chair full.

You’ll be truly independent – At this point it’s all up to you! 

In the hair industry, there will be up and down times.

You have to stay motivated!

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