June 12, 2014

How Best Virginia Beach Hairstylist Gained This Ultimate Freedom

Virginia Beach Hairstylist Gains Ultimate Freedom

Own a salon - Best Hairstylist Reveals HowBy This Time Next Month You Could Own A Salon And Be Building Your Own Dream

Twice GOLD Winner of

“Best Male Hairstylist in Virginia Beach”

Lance Van Auken, Owner of BLOW A SALON, Reveals How Became The Best Virgina Beach Hairstylist

It has been almost 6 years now since I opened Blow A Salon at Hilltop. Here’s how I made it happen:

I’d Heard About Salon Plaza…

Formerly a product rep for American Crew and Graham Webb International, at the time I was working as an employee in a Day Spa. I’d been in the salon industry for about 14 years and was thinking…

“What’s next?”

I wanted to own my own shop be a success. I’d heard about Salon Plaza but didn’t know a lot about it. So I took a trip over there to find out…

Hadn’t Seen Her In Years

I walked into Salon Plaza and to my surprise, one of the salon owners and plaza leader happened to be someone I’d worked with in Chesapeake 15 years prior: Galiana Lindsey.

Salon Plaza Hilltop Galiana Lindsey

Galiana took time with me and helped me feel comfortable. After talking with her, making that jump to going in business for myself seemed easier.

Started Off Busy. Stayed Busy. Hasn’t Changed.

Most of my clients came with me. My new place was just across the road, less than a quarter of a mile. That helped. The only difference to get there was making a left turn instead of a right.

Without adding new clients, including the lease and product costs, my income definitely went up right away. The big difference is I’m not giving a big chunk of that money away.

I’m not paying someone else’s bills, I’m paying my own.

I’m not building someone else’s dream, I’m building my own.

It feels great to be at this point.

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Making more money is nice, but the biggest thing is to be able to adjust my schedule so I can be there for my 2 children. With my own salon, I can take care of my clients to the best of my ability AND be a great Dad.

I Don’t Have To Ask Permission

It’s an awkward conversation with a boss when you want to take an hour or a day to do something else. I’m a grown man. I want to make a decision without having to ask permission. It feels great.

At Salon Plaza, I have the freedom to adjust my schedule.

My clients are my “boss”. I am focused on what they need and take care of them. I know my clients very well – they have been with me for a long time. They appreciate my sincere and honest focus on their well-being.

I Don’t Do Fast Food Hair. Never Have – Never WillBest Hairstylist Va Beach Lance Van Auken

I consider myself very fortunate. My clients book 4 to 6 weeks out. I don’t take that for granted. No one wants to be treated like a number.

If I haven’t heard from my clients for a while I call them. I let them know I’m still here if they need me. I don’t rely on someone at the front desk to contact a client if there needs to be a change. They appreciate the call from me.

It’s More Genuine and Rare

Although I have a huge clientele, I can always take a new client. A lot come from referrals and volunteer work in the community. I’m involved in a local non-profit organization. I give gift certificates for local fundraisers that bring in new clients.

I’ve given back what was given to me by training a few apprentices. Never forget to give back…

Advice To Hairstylists Who Dare To Own It:

1. Make sure you have a decent size clientele. You can’t rely on walk-ins alone to generate your business.

2. Focus on your clients. When they choose to come to you, you shouldn’t take it lightly because they can go anywhere they want to go.

3. People want to feel valued and appreciated. Instead of talking at people, talk with people. Let them know you care. Take time with what you are doing. Don’t let people feel like a number.

4. Continue your education. Even now, after 20 years I go to classes and shows.

5. Always be building your business. Don’t ever feel like you don’t need new clients. Otherwise, you’re shutting people out who could be great clients as well.

I believe we are given this gift to do hair. It’s our job to share that with clients and everyone we come in contact with.

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