February 5, 2016

Healthy Hair Care Specialist & Sunday School Teacher Rises Above Worst Calamity


Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White.jpgMeet Katreia White, Healthy Hair Care Specialist, and Owner of Katreia’s Boutique in District Heights MD

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month Extraordinaire!

We interviewed healthy hair care specialist Katreia about how she got started as a beauty professional, opened a boutique salon and grew it into the uniquely vibrant place of refuge that it is today.

To find out what she knows about LOVE and her calling to rise above, read on…

In Katreia’s own words –

“Loving You AND Your Hair

at Katreia’s Boutique”

As a healthy hair care specialist, I believe great hair care begins with loving yourself. The right hairstyle enhances the beauty of you! 

Equally important is to give you a feeling of uplift and joy.

Not only will you get a great style, your visit will be awesome. It’s all about loving you and your hair.

What Motivates Katreia To Do Hair?

My personality is very creative, upbeat and outgoing. Every since I was 7 years old I always wanted to do hair.

My mom didn’t know how and I had several regrettable experiences. That’s why I started doing my own hair.

I’ve also always wanted to teach – I get to do both now. I teach Sunday school every other Sunday with elementary school children from ages 4 to 10.

And I teach my clients about healthy hair. I love to transform damaged hair into hair that’s full of life.

Katreia’s Top 5 Healthy Hair Tips for an Awesome YOU!

1. Make sure you have a regular trim – Your hair will grow longer, thicker and healthier

2. Condition your hair properly – I recommend the Nairobi product line. They have natural beauty products that give my clients exceptional results

3. Avoid putting too much heat in your hair – A blow dryer or straightener is hard on your hair. Try rotating hairstyles by putting your hair in rollers or a weave

4. Protect your hair at night – Materials like cotton will pull on your hair. Properly wrap your hair or use a silk pillowcase while you sleep

5. Be stress-free! Stress damages your hair. Be sure to eat healthy, get enough rest, and reduce mental and emotional stress.

What I recommend for you to keep your stress down is to meditate, pray and exercise. Also, eliminate negative people and things out of your life.

How I Relax, Wind Down and Get Ready for the Next Day:

Instead of watching TV, I talk with friends and family on the phone. I journal and I read a lot, mostly self-help or self-motivation. Once in a while, I pick up a good storybook.

For fun right now I’m reading an entertaining story with a lot of electricity and vitality. It’s Mary Monroe’s “The Upper Room.”

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White_client.jpgTwo books I Can Recommend To You:

  1. The Secret To True Happiness by Joyce Meyer
  2. The Science Of Being Great by Wallace Wattle

I got licensed in 1999 and was working as an assistant at the time. I always wanted to own my own shop.

I am happy with what I have now. Being a salon owner makes me think creatively about all the different things I can do.

“Yes, I always believed I’d own my own salon.”

The first time I heard about Salon Plaza, a client suggested it to me. I toured two Plazas in Maryland – Largo and District Heights – and chose District Heights because it’s close to the metro.

This makes it convenient for my clients.

Want to Tour a Salon Plaza? Simply Click Here:

Request A Tour

I’ve been here a little over 8 years now and like it a lot better than renting an open space booth. That’s because I enjoy the privacy, being able to control my atmosphere and set my hours.

Some clients are dealing with problems like alopecia. We have the option to shut the door for total privacy.

“Love being able to be creative in my in my own space.”

It has been wonderful. I’ve met wonderful people and built great relationships with other salon professionals, even though I work in my own studio. I would recommend Salon Plaza to any salon professional who wants to own a shop.

If you want to see if salon ownership is right for you… or if you already own an open space salon and want to simplify your life, then just click below:

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On a Personal Note:

One of the things I appreciate about Salon Plaza is how supportive they were during the biggest trauma in my life. They truly looked at me as a person and handled things well when my husband died suddenly 5 years ago.

Salon_Plaza_District_Heights_Katreia_White_jacket-1.jpgIf you’re ready to step up and own it, here’s my advice:

  1. Build a steady clientele to keep up with your lease
  2. Be your own person. Watch out for comparing yourself to other stylists.
  3. Perfect and be confident in what you do
  4. Keep an open mind and be considerate towards others
  5. Offer different specials during the week and year
  6. Give a little gift – something simple like a thank you note to a client goes a long way to show your appreciation
  7. Be creative in your atmosphere and how you set the tone

For Valentine’s day, I decorated the room with hearts, potpourri, and hot chocolate – it’s so sweet, so nice. This holiday of love can be a lonely time for some, so I just open it up for everybody.

I specialize in weaves, color, haircuts, dread maintenance, styling and more! Call me for your exciting beginning towards a fabulous transformation both inside and out…

Visit me in District Heights MD at Katreia’s Boutique –





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