Hairstylists Sterling VA: Own A Studio Salon that's EASY & FUN

Hairstylists Sterling VA: Own A Studio Salon that’s EASY & FUN

Calling All Barbers, Nail Techs, Own a studio salon sterlingEstheticians and Hairstylists Sterling VA…

You Might Be Ready To Own Your Own Studio Salon if… 

  • you are a salon owner and are overwhelmed by the daily stresses and strains of running a big salon
  • you are a booth renter who is tired of having to check in, check out and work in total chaos…

You Just Found the Way to Change Your Life for GOOD!

Imagine no more headaches of managing other stylists, dealing with that leaky faucet, or having to invest megabucks up front. Now you can get rid of all that stress and practice your craft in a way that’s easy, profitable and FUN!

Studio Salon Vacancy Now Available at Salon Plaza Sterling

Our Sterling Plaza is in the beautiful Sterling Town Center, at the intersection of Leesburg Pike, Route 7 and Route 228 on Drainesville Road. This busy shopping center offers lots of great restaurants and coffee shops. What a relief to be able to buy lunch nearby and not have to get in the car and drive!

We’re now open for a tour. If you’re an independent salon professional looking to start and run your own salon, or a salon owner wanting to simplify your life, come visit us at Salon Plaza Sterling.

Get Your VIP Tour & You Will Discover…

A beautiful, upscale, private salon space with everything you need to be creative and practice your craft: shampoo bowl, styling station and chair, and plenty of storage.  With 24/7 access available, each studio comes with a lock and key entry with security cameras so you and your clients feel safe and secure… any time of day or night!

Fill Your Book

Salon Plaza Sterling is a great location for walk-ins. You’ll also get a personalized website and an exclusive marketing package to promote your studio salon quickly and easily. To see this exciting plaza location up close schedule a tour of Salon Plaza Sterling.

Tour A Studio Salon - Salon Plaza Sterling

Ours is the absolute easiest way to open a salon and run it your way. Enjoy the FREEDOM to…

  • Set your own atmosphere
  • Control your own schedule
  • Express your creativity
  • Use and sell products of your choice
  • Keep more of the money you earn

And a whole lot more…

You’ll Get to Focus On What Matters Most

Salon Plaza gives you everything you need to pursue your creative passions and control your income:

  • Maintenance, utilities, and WiFi are included
  • Save time with the on-site laundry facility
  • Protect yourself with $1 million in Professional Liability Insurance

What could be simpler and more convenient than that?

If This Sounds Too Good to Be True –

Come in and meet our Salon Plaza Sterling Member Salon Owners…

“I came to Salon Plaza because I wanted to have my own business and do my own thing. With my studio salon I work for myself and set my own hours.” ~ Aster Tadase

hairstylists-sterling-aster-tadase - studio salonYou’ll meet Aster Tadase, owner of Aster Design. Three years ago, Aster opened her salon in a Salon Plaza Studio. She’s so happy that she already signed for next year. Here’s what she has to say:

“I like the people and the environment. My customers love it. They followed me from where I used to work. Debby the Plaza Leader and Julie the Start-up Specialist are great. I love the place.

People come to me because I do a good job. I respect the customers. I am on time. I take care of them, that’s why they love me. Some clients have been with me for 15 to 18 years – they stay a long time.”

To look your most beautiful best, make an appointment with Aster. Call (703) 678-5162.

Hairstylists Sterling Rory - Studio Salon OwnerNext meet Dina Hyman, a Paul Mitchell educator who divides her time between teaching and working behind the chair. She specializes in building close relationship with clients.

Sharing Studio 102 is her husband Rory Sevajian. A master barber, he understands the power of the client consultation. He travels all over the country educating hair stylists and to cut men’s hair perfectly.

His attention to detail and amazing straight blade shave keeps their salon in a constant buzz!

When you come for a tour, you’ll also meet the Plaza Leader Debby Gibson, owner of Hair by Debby.

Hairstylists Sterling Debby Gibson - Studio Salon OwnerDebby’s life is a story about passion. The passion to set her own schedule, leave when she’s done, and never have to ask permission… the PASSION to own her life and be her own boss.

Many years ago Debby worked a huge, thirty-chair salon in Sterling. For six years she played by someone else’s rules.

Then it happened! She opened her own studio salon with Salon Plaza. What a BIG improvement! With just herself and her clients, gone was the drama. She could do what she loves to do — give lots of personal attention, one-to-one, the way each client prefers and deserves.

“Salon Plaza is great if you have kids because you can work around their schedule. Now that my son is in college, I get to see him for parents weekend and other special dates. Best of all…

I never have to ask anybody for permission. When you work in your own studio salon, you are your own boss. ~ Debby Gibson

The advantages are clear to Debby. When I asked her what percent of her current clients followed her to her new location, she said,

“99%, really all came. All pre-booked their appointments.”

To discover if Salon Plaza Sterling is the answer to YOUR prayers, contact Debby Gibson, Plaza Leader, at 703-444-7660 or Julie Badura, Area Leader, at 540-338-5147.

Are You Ready for Salon Plaza’s MAGIC to Go to Work on YOU?

Right now we only have a few vacancies in Sterling and then we’re full. If you don’t act now you may miss out. Take one small step today, and change your life for good.

If YOU are an enterprising barber or hairstylist in Sterling, VA you absolutely MUST come take a tour and meet our community of salon owners.

Tour A Studio Salon - Salon Plaza Sterling

Be Your Own Boss at Salon Plaza