January 29, 2013

Hairstylists in Laurel MD Reach Their Biggest Goals Ever – Here’s How:


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Attention Nail Techs, Estheticians, and Hairstylists in Laurel MD:

This article is written for the salon owner, salon booth or chair renter, and the commissioned salon professional who knows they will own their own salon someday.

The True Entrepreneur

Understand clearly that we are not like other people who rely on getting paychecks. What we focus on always has results. That is why it is crucial how we use our time and energy.

What Kills Success? – Lack of focus.

As January 2013 slips into the past, are your New Years Resolutions fading just as fast? Ask yourself this one vital question – Are you on track to reach your goals for 2013? You did set goals, didn’t you?

If you could use some help deciding what you want most and how to get it, sign up for our 52 Keys To Salon Owner Success. It’s one thing to set a goal, another to create plans.

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - hairstylists in laurel

And the KEY is to take ACTION

When you let yourself get sidetracked and scattered by busy work and everyday events, your goals remain dreams for tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes. 

Lack of focus is the single biggest cause of frustration for entrepreneurs. Think of your goals as the seeds you plant for the future. These seeds will help you use your talents and skills in fulfilling and profitable ways.

As business creators, we are always thinking and creating. Read on to discover how to be resourceful and create the good stuff that you really want out of life.

What You Focus on Expands

Put your mind to work and focus on what you want. Is it excellent client relations? More income? More time off? A greater sense of peace?

Here’s an example Instead of thinking “I want less stress.” Say to yourself, “I want a greater sense of peace.” Use words that describe what you want, not what you don’t want. Your subconscious mind works best with clear, positive commands.

Why Don’t Some Salon Owners Meet Their Goals?

Because they are not focusing their life energy on what they want.

Don’t let this be YOU!

Take a few minutes right now to review how you are using your focus and time to create what you want in life. Are you focusing your energies in productive ways?


  1. What do you spend your time thinking and talking about?
  2. Where do you dwell emotionally?
  3. Are your choices in line with your spiritual life?
  4. How are you spending your financial resources?
  5. Do your actions and habits serve your greater purpose?

Figure out where you are spending your time, where you out of balance, and what you are neglecting.

What Should You Focus On?

An Excellent Secret: The things in your life that truly need attention are hidden in your frequent, typical, habitual complaints.

Do This: Make a list of what you are complaining about in your thoughts and with your friends. What can you do differently to eliminate these complaints? This is a great way to uncover what you can do to make a difference in your own life.

Is Goal Setting Still Worth Doing Today?

As creative people, we must have a focus. Otherwise, we will unravel. Your mind needs direction: it operates better with clear, precise instruction.

Commit yourself to a life of focus. Set your goals and look at them daily. Every morning, write out 10 of the most important things you want to achieve in your life – write this out every morning.

What are your priorities and values? Write these self-directed thoughts down and focus on them throughout the day. Make this a habit and it will give you courage, creativity, and persistence. Focusing your mind on what you want to create in your life takes the tension and anxiety out of living because your mind has a specific direction.

All success comes from the correct mindset. Your thoughts always affect your future. If you take aim consistently, you will reach your destination. It’s only a question of the force and consistency of your desire.

Tomorrow depends on the choices we make today. 

Ultimate Guide To Salon Owner Success - Hairstylists in Laurel


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