October 29, 2014

Hairstylist Success Tips: 6 Principles to Live By to Grow Your Base


Attention Independent Hairstylists and Salon Owners: 6 Principles for Business Growth & Hairstylist Success

Before we give you these 6 principles for salon business growth, let’s start with some myth busting!

“All I need to do is to focus on growing revenues. Profits will take care of themselves.”
Keeping expenses down is essential to hairstylist success. It’s the money after expenses and taxes that matter! You can use a portion of your profits to get new clients and invest in your training. Without profits, you can’t sustain growth.
“Business is simple. I can run the salon on my own.”
As your business grows, managing by the strength of your personality and gut feeling will no longer be enough. Successful salons have internal methods and procedures to make sure they are on track.
“If I know how to do hair and please customers, I can also run the salon.”
To grow a business you need to know how to manage the business. This requires a different skill set than providing products and services. As an owner, there’s so much more to think about!
Here are…
Salon Plaza’s 6 Business Principles to guide you. Follow the links to more resources to help you set your goals, stay on track, and become more prosperous.

1. Add Value: To your clients, your employees, your family, your community and to yourself

Your clients look to you for more than a great new style. First, be their beauty consultant. That means listening and giving expert advice on style, color, and hair care.

If you sell products, this is a great way to keep them looking their best in between visits. At the same time, being a consultant in every sense of the word will most definitely make you more profitable.


What most people need today in this high tech world is “high touch” – encouragement, empathy, and joy. Giving of yourself in this heart-felt way will help all to thrive, inside and out.

If you own a traditional salon with employees, remember they want to enjoy fulfillment and prosperity as well.

What can you do to support their spirit?

How To Find, Hire, & Keep Great Hairstylists 

Give back to your community by teaching about hair care and by participating in community events. It’s ok to hand out business cards while you are there.

How about offering something free that won’t set you back that lets others know you care?

Take care of yourself by keeping a morning routine and celebrating your life with time for personal care, relaxation, and trying something new. How about enjoying a therapeutic massage?

2. Look for the Truth in Everything: Measure what matters and understand what it means

Use these insights for decision-making. If you run a business, even if you are essentially an “artist”, you still must know your numbers – how many regular clients do you see in a week? What is their average ticket? How much do you add to your income by selling products? You can find more questions like these at….

Or take our Salon Owner Success Quiz now!

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Once you know your numbers you can make better decisions, such as how much can you spend on marketing and how much time do you need to be behind the chair.

3. Be Honest with Yourself: Know what you want and why

There’s a saying that rings true – The bigger your WHY, the easier your HOW. Do you have a clear understanding of what drives you? Do you know your WHY?

Salon Owner’s Guide To Success: What Is Your “WHY”?

Know when things are working, and when they are not.  For instance, do you know what works to bring in new business and build client loyalty?

How to Keep Your Chair FULL!

This is the best way to make your success simple – find out what’s working, and do more of it!

You don’t have to go this journey alone. Each of our Salon Plaza Members of the Month have a story to tell about what drives them toward excellence.

4. Stay Focused: Set clear goals and follow your action plan

community_own_a_salon_open_a_salon_plazaIf you want to become a successful cosmetologist and salon owner, you must stay razor focused on your goals. What are your strengths? What do you want to achieve? How much time do you take off? What do you do with your spare time when you are not behind the chair?

The One Magic Power Of Successful Salon Owners 

When you set clear goals and have a plan of action, the journey becomes more secure. It’s like turning on your GPS – you can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going.

For help with determining your strengths, your strategy, and your action steps, check out our 52 Keys to Salon Owner Success

5. Be Disciplined: Keep the end in mind, do what it takes, and do it consistently

Do you have a plan for each day? Let me share with you what I do to stay on track and get it done. Otherwise, one day will become the next with little progress on your big picture goals.

Salon Owner’s Guide to LIFE Management

6. Build relationships: Instead of trying to do it all on your own – seek the best resources possible

If you are an independent hairstylist, you are already “in business” for yourself! Don’t go it alone. Seek the guidance of others who have already accomplished what you want to achieve to obtain hairstylist success.

Recipe for Salon Owner Success

At Salon Plaza, you’re in business FOR yourself, never BY yourself. Our community of salon owners help each other become excellent as stylists and as salon owners.

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