February 18, 2014

Hairstylist Richmond VA: Who Else Wants This MASTER SKILL Of Success?


Hairstylist Richmond VA: Do You Know Exactly What You Want Out Of Life?
And If You Do, Have You Made A Solid Plan To Achieve It?

Hairstylist Richmond VA Salon PlazaAttention Hairstylists in Richmond, VA: 

“The single dividing factor between those who thrive and those who struggle is the ability to set goals and follow through.”


Because the MASTER SKILL of success is GOAL SETTING. When you develop this one single skill, you will have a powerful pathway to achieve what you want in your career and in your life.

At Salon Plaza, stories about our most successful Member Salon Owners show this to be true again and again.

Who else would like a Proven Method that shows you HOW?

First, you must gain complete clarity about what you want in each area of your life without limits of any kind. Once you know what you want, you must create a step-by-step plan for getting it.

It Is THAT Simple

Setting goals is the only absolutely guaranteed way to achieve what you want. If you’re with me on this, then…

Get Ready, Get Set… Let’s GO!

Salon Plaza Member BookStart with the 3 main areas for happiness:


To gain specific clarity about what you want, let’s divide those factors even further –

RELATIONSHIPS – Yourself, your family, your social life, your business connections

HEALTH – Fitness, diet, overall health

MONEY – How you earn it, how much you earn, and how much you save

There’s one more specific to consider that affects all of the above – Education.

Choose Your Most Important Goal To Pursue NOW:

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty… Get out a pen and paper and really do this with me now. For the 3 main categories, with the subcategories to help you take stock in your own life, answer these questions:

What are your 3 most intensely desired RELATIONSHIP goals?

What are your 3 most intensely desired HEALTH goals?

What are your 3 most intensely desired MONEY goals?

Among these 9 goals, if you could be certain of success, which one of these would you choose? Circle It!

How To Make That Goal A Reality In Your Life:

Take this most important goal of your choosing and follow these 12 steps:

1. Describe your goal in detail, making it clear, specific and measurable:

2. Now set a deadline for achieving this goal:

3. Write down the main challenges that stand between you and your goal:

4. Consider what you will have to learn to achieve your goal:

5. Note who’s support you will need to achieve your goal:

6. What are the steps for achieving this goal? Write each step for achieving your goal on an index card, one per card. You have room to spell out the details.

If your goal is career-related, click to get help thinking through the steps for salon business success. At Salon Plaza, that’s our specialty!

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Salon Owner Secrets To Success - 7 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Getting Started

7. Now prioritize them and put them in sequence – Note the order on each card.

8. Write on each card who will carry out that step. Which parts will you do, and which parts will be done by others?

9. For each action step, set a deadline on the index card.

10. Give each step a distinct, descriptive, short title – “Name That Step.” State your goal on the top of a clean piece of paper. List each step in order. Include who will carry it out and the deadline, like this:

GOAL: Own my own salon by March 15.

#   STEP                                           WHO                    BY             

1.  Take the Salon Owner Quiz       Me              Today

2.  Visit Salon Plaza                     Me               Friday

You Now Have An Organized Plan

11. Take immediate action on the first step of your plan.

12. Each day, do something toward achieving your most desired goal. It’s helpful if the night before you determine what you will do the next day toward this goal. Check out how a few of our Members reveal their Morning Secrets for Life Truth & Freedom.

Taking action is the most important quality of those who get what they want out of life. Your ability to take immediate action daily toward this goal will be the deciding factor for your success.

Whatever you desire must come to you. It is only a question of the intensity of your desire, the quality of your plan, and your willingness to take action.

It All STARTS With Clarity

Your turn – What is the single most important goal you want to achieve in your life right now? Tell us in the comment section below.


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