January 6, 2017

Hairstylist Kara Yarn: Hair Growth Expert at Salon Plaza Glen Burnie

Hairstylist Kara Yarn at Salon Plaza Glen BurnieCongratulations to Hairstylist Kara Yarn

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for January

“You are not just a number in my chair. You really do matter.” 

~ Hairstylist Kara Yarn, owner of Sapphire’s International Salon, Glen Burnie, MD

Salon Plaza applauds Kara’s honest dedication to serving her clients, and marvels at her adventurous spirit! A Specialist in Hair Growth, what she offers is not just service of hands, but service of self.

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Dreams Do Come True

On her first trip to a salon, Kara fell in love with her stylist’s blue hair and the “Ultra Sheen Crème Press” smell of her salon. Only 4 years old, she knew that day she wanted to become a hairstylist – and never changed her mind…

Hairstylist Kara Yarn at Salon Plaza Glen BurnieLet’s hear from Hairstylist Kara Yarn:

“Money is easily obtained but character is not.”

Doing hair is not about the money. Focusing on the money destroys reputations. My intention is to invite my clients to come in, let them relax, and give them what they need.

What makes me different is the way I consult with you before styling your hair. I’ll ask you a series of questions like…

  • What are your overall needs and concerns?
  • What are you dealing with right now?
  • What are your goals?
  • How you would like to see your hair?

This inquiry into your needs and the complications you might be facing is important. This lets you know that you are not just a number in my chair. You really do matter.

I try to get the full spectrum of who you are, including your lifestyle and any medications you might be on. If you are on blood thinners or are struggling with cancer, it will really affect your hair. My question is, can I help you? If I can’t personally meet your needs, I will refer you to someone who can.

What They Don’t Teach in Beauty School

“Kara can keep your hair on your head.”

Hairstylist Kara Yarn Hair Loss PractitionerMy goal is to keep your hair soft, on your head, and growing. Recently while training to get my Hair Loss Practitioner Certification, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I already knew.

Self-taught, I learned how to look at the condition of a head of hair and know if the person is on medication. I’ve seen a lot of wild things over the years.

Why Salon Plaza

Hairstylist Kara Yarn at Salon Plaza Glen BurnieAt 17 I entered the Wards Corner Beauty Academy in Norfolk VA where I grew up. Then I switched to a two-year program with the Virginia State Apprenticeship Training System. Over the years, I worked in salons in Virginia and North Carolina.

Just so that my son could be closer to his dad, 6 years ago I moved to Glen Burnie, MD. That meant starting all over with new clientele.

How’d I get busy again?

I started up a “mobile salon” and did hair at people’s homes. To meet more people, I passed out business cards, attended seminars and hair shows.

Four years ago I opened Sapphire’s International Salon at Salon Plaza. It’s conveniently close to home and in a good shopping area. Rather than own a traditional salon, I prefer working by myself in the privacy and intimacy of my Salon Plaza Studio Salon.

My clients appreciate it, too.

Those with hair loss don’t want to share their personal challenges. And my female Muslim clients can’t uncover their hair when a male client might be present. That’s why I like to schedule people needing privacy on my off day, Monday or Tuesday. They get to have the privacy they desire without worrying about anybody being in the salon with them.

International Guest Stylist in Germany

Hairstylist Kara Yarn at Salon Plaza Glen BurnieWhile taking a class at a hair show in Baltimore, I met an American hairstylist who owned a salon in Germany. She invited several stylists to be guests in her European salon.

I was the only one who persevered and took her up on her offer.

For 35 exciting days I got to be a guest stylist in Munich. The most important thing I learned was that wherever you are, “hair is hair.” From country to country, needs don’t change.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I served many bi-racial clients. Germany is in desperate need of stylists and products for curly, thick hair.

One day my cousin who lives in Germany drove me from Munich to the Czech Republic. At the border they simply looked at our passports and waved us through.

The architecture is amazing. The food and shopping is awesome. And… I got my nails done! Surprisingly, what they do in nail salons there is not much different from what we do here.

My overall experience was awesome because I had the opportunity to meet so many people, explore a different culture, and try new foods. An enlightening trip for sure!

Kara’s 3 Top Goals for 2017:

“It’s the Word of God to write your vision and make it plain.”

If you want some some extra help planning your own Vision and Goals for next year, check out Salon Plaza’s recent post:


Right now, I’m working on my vision board. Don’t know totally what it will look like, but I’m putting it together. Despite loss in my personal life in 2016, I’m focused on moving forward. I’ll be changing things up in my life, both business and personal.

First on the list: Peace of Mind! I must have peace in my life. In keeping with that basic necessity, here are my 3 top goals for 2017:

1. As a forever learner, I’ll be investing in more education. Cutting, color, enhancing hair growth… there’s always more to learn.

2. This year I want to get back into being an educator. Years ago I did product education for a company, and now I want to get my instructor’s license.

3. I will continue to build my client base with referrals, promotions, and social media, which has been a big help. You can visit me on Facebook!

Also, I’ll continue to be my own best advertisement. This means looking great so people will keep asking me…

“Who does your hair?”

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