January 17, 2013

Hairstylist In Virginia Beach Creates Her Own Space For Prosperity


Salon Owner Hair stylist Virginia Beach Galiana Lindsey's Space for prosperityI’m Galiana Lindsey, 
Owner of Galiana’s
 Hair Studio.

This is How I Created My, Space for Prosperity

A hairstylist and licensed instructor, I am the Plaza Leader at Salon Plaza Hilltop in Virginia Beach.

What inspires me about being a beauty professional and having my space for prosperity is that I really love making people look good and feel good. It’s like being that one family member who can make a change in that person’s life.

I like to put a smile on their face.

My specialty is color and cut. What makes me successful is the fact that I can do everybody’s hair. Some stylists make their mark by specializing, but because of my life experience, I have something for everyone. If you come to my door, I can serve you, too.

And if you are a hairstylist who wants their own space for prosperity… or a salon owner getting ready to downsize, Hilltop can’t be beat. Is Salon Plaza the right place for you to prosper?

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Let me tell you how I got started.

When I was a girl, my older sister was doing hair. She and a good friend of hers mentored me. I used to cut my dad’s hair, and one day he said, “You’re really good at this. Why not go to school and get your license?”

When I turned 19 I took my dad’s advice, and the rest is history.

Circumstances in my life gave me the opportunity to travel the world. This shaped who I am today as a hairstylist in life-changing ways. Traveling made me versatile. I’ve been trained on all textures of hair. By serving people from all over the world I have come to see that it’s not who you are, but how I can make you feel good that matters.

After managing a large salon and day spa for 9 years in Chesapeake, I was ready for a change. What I wanted most was to work on my own and have my own salon space.

As soon as I saw Salon Plaza, I recognized what a great concept it is.

Seven years ago I opened my own salon with Salon Plaza and have been a Plaza leader at Hilltop in Virginia Beach for 6 years.

I love it.

Hilltop is a great location – It’s easy to be dedicated. The stylists are professional, warm and inviting – they don’t stir up drama. We stay focused on running our business and don’t get into other people’s personal lives.

We have a wonderful professional community and space for prosperity here. I see new members come in who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their salon. If new Members asked for my advice about how to succeed as a salon owner, I give my opinion, answer their questions, and share new styles and techniques.

I’m here for them.

I help them get on their feet and become successful like I am.

Salon Plaza Hilltop is the right place for established beauty salon professionals.


Salon Plaza not for stylists who are new off the street. If you don’t have a full book of business, Hilltop is not the place for you. I wouldn’t want you to get caught up with something you can’t handle. Make sure you have enough income to cover the lease. Remember that one of the keys to success is to have the ability to keep a good inventory of products to use and products to sell.

If you had the keys in hand to your own salon space, would you prosper? Find out if you are ready right now to own it.

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