Hairstylist in Norfolk VA Returns To Salon Plaza - 5 Reasons Why!

Hairstylist in Norfolk VA Returns To Salon Plaza – 5 Reasons Why!

Hairstylist Norfolk VA Salon Plaza Noble newsNoble Overton, owner of Just Noble Hair Salon in Norfolk VA, recently closed her traditional salon in Virginia Beach to return to Salon Plaza.

Her Fresh Off The Press Story…

“I’ve been doing hair for over 30 years (33 to be exact). I really enjoy being an owner and have run my own shop most of that time.

Even after all those years in the business, I still get that same high when someone asks me questions about their hair.

When I moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 2004 I opened my shop with Salon Plaza. Since I was new in town, I appreciated the walk-ins. I really built up a good clientele, many of whom are still with me.

But you know how you can get an idea in your head and it’s next to impossible to get it out?

Well, that’s what happened. I always had a dream to have a salon in a house, so when I found this really cute little house 5 years ago in Virginia Beach, I opened up a shop there.

It didn’t work out like I planned, so now I’m back at Salon Plaza – 

Here Are My 5 Reasons Why…

1. Hiring Hairstylists Isn’t Easy!

At a traditional shop I had to hire other stylists to work with me. It was hard to keep reliable people.

Not only that, but I do a lot of natural hair and invest in only the best tools and equipment. My stylists would use them. If something broke – the expense fell on me.

That’s one reason why Salon Plaza works so well for me. When you leave Salon Plaza you lock your door.

Everything is just the way you left it

2. Monthy Expenses Were Unpredictable!

I could never know what my bills would be – they fluctuated like the weather. At Salon Plaza I don’t have to worry about paying heating bills and unexpected maintenance costs. I know what I’m going to pay out every month. That helps a lot to stay profitable. 

As a Salon Plaza Member I can decorate the way I want to. I like a lot of pictures and neutral colors. Tomorrow, I’m going to paint my door a two-tone look. It’s really my own salon.

3. Privacy and One-on-One Matters

Although I like working with other people and enjoy having salon neighbors next door, at Salon Plaza I have privacy.  Clients travel to see me, and they like the one-on-one time with me.

When we women get a little older, we start to lose our hair. When a client doesn’t have much hair, privacy matters a lot. I like to work with people who have alopecia. I do hair extensions – unbelievable hair extensions. I’m very good at that.

I love making people feel good, especially when they don’t have much hair.  They walk out of here looking like it’s their own.

4. Selling Products Helps My Clients Look Great Between Visits

Selling shampoo and natural hair care products boosts my income.

I just tell my clients the truth – You have to keep your hair hydrated. The best products for you depend on what hair type you have, but the product line I often recommend is Pravana. They have a nice shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair or spoil the color because it locks your color in and prevents it from fading. Pravana hydration oil is light, non-greasy and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

I’m pretty busy. People do walk in, but I’m booked.

5. Salon Plaza Showcases My Work

Salon Plaza offers you a website which is very good, because I want to get my work out there.

Hairstylist Norfolk VA opens Salon Plaza studio

We have a great community of salon professionals here. I enjoy the benefits of good relations with other dedicated salon owners, without losing privacy or having to share equipment, tools and supplies.

There are many things I would not change about Salon Plaza.

The Plaza looks very professional. The hallways are neat and clean. The floors are shiny and well kept. That’s what I like. Plus I love the privacy I can provide my clients. Here I can give undivided attention to each one.

That’s especially important, given the clientele that I have.  My clients are so happy that I’m back at Salon Plaza.”

Glad To Be Back at Salon Plaza!

If you’re interested in owning your own salon with out all the headaches and drama of a traditional salon, the best thing you can do is to go see for yourself.

Request a Tour at the Salon Plaza Nearest YOU!

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