Hairstylist Guide to Personality and Fulfillment: 6 Human Needs

Hairstylist Guide to Personality and Fulfillment: 6 Human Needs

Hairstylist Guide to Personality and Fulfillment:

Attention Hairstylists: Did you watch this amazing video on TED – Tony Robbins presents his 6 Human Needs?

If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins yet, you’re in for a treat. As a speaker and coach, Tony has improved the lives of over 30 million people, from at least 80 countries over 36 years to date. Some are big names you’d recognize, like George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Most are “ordinary” people like you and me. Well, not just ordinary, if you hear what he as to say in this video:

Why do we as independent cosmetologists, salon owners, and entrepreneurs do the things we do? How is it that one stylist will play small and just make ends meet (or not), while another will grow their book and take their business beyond the chair?

What is the WHY behind someone like Shadonna Jordan, Wanda Berry or Erica Drayton?


Some mysterious motivation drives and colors our passions, actions, lifestyles and destinies. While each of us as a beauty professional is unique, as human beings our nervous system is wired in similar ways.

Based on this inner nature, coded right into us from birth, Tony Robbins identifies 6 basic human needs that our actions seek to fulfill.

Take a look and let me know if this makes sense to you like it does to me –

Our 6 Human Needs:

1. Certainty: Avoiding pain and staying in your comfort zone

Some people gain certainty by trying to control all aspects of their lives. Others let go and let God. What’s true for you?

Either way you answer, you could choose to stay at the job you have now and keep on serving clients the same way you always have. But what happens with too little change?

You get bored!

2. Variety: Stepping into the unknown

Variety and uncertainty make us feel alive and engaged. Opening your first salon is a great way to grow by accepting challenge and change. Or it may mean closing that multi-chair salon and going solo at a Salon Plaza.

Change keeps life from getting boring!

3. Significance: Knowing what makes you unique

What gives your life meaning and significance? What makes you feel special and needed?

As a beauty professional, why do your current clients keep coming back to you? And why should a potential client choose you over all others?

Check out Salon Plaza’s system for discovering your unique difference as a stylist, and keep your chair full!

Hairstylists Salon Owner What Would You Say?

4. Love: Feeling close to and connected with others

One of the really special things about having your own studio salon is that it’s easy to develop one-to-one personal relationships with your clients. You get to make them feel special on the inside and out.

And hey, that’s mutually beneficial!

5. Growth: Gaining professional and personal skills and understanding

As a stylist, barber, esthetician or nail tech, you have to keep improving your professional skills. You now that already.

Did you know that when you become a salon owner, you must develop a whole new set of skills to attract clients, keep your book full, and grow beyond the chair? To succeed with your own shop, you must become an entrepreneur… Check out our advice to cosmetologists.

6. Contribution: Serving, helping and supporting others

The secret of living is giving. Being part of something larger than yourself is essential to fulfillment. Fortunately, as a cosmetologist, you have lots of opportunities to help others.

How do you give of yourself now? What more would like to add to your legacy?

All 6 needs are central to developing yourself as a personality. Real fulfillment comes from taking action toward those last two needs, to grow and to contribute. Tell me – will you settle for comfort and meet your needs on a small scale?

Or will you look for ways to empower your passions and fulfill your dreams in ways that truly support yourself and others?

The Choice Is YOURS!

We choose our Members of the Month because they display these qualities of growth and contribution – we see them taking action in ways that give lasting fulfillment.

And how about you?

To discover if Salon Plaza offers YOU the right combination of Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love, Growth, and Contribution –

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