January 18, 2014

Hair Stylists in Baltimore – If You Want More Freedom Take This Quiz


Salon Plaza Baltimore Your Space for Prosperity and freedom resized 600Have You Heard The News About Having More Freedom?

Unless you’re “out of the ordinary”
 your chances for succeeding and having more freedom in the salon industry are limited.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist in Baltimore who has been cutting hair for several years, then you’re doing better than most –

“5 years after students graduate beauty school –
79% have left the beauty industry entirely.”

But it gets even tougher for cosmetologists who want to make it with their own salon.

Would it shock you if I told you 85% of all new businesses fail within 2 years? Well, in the beauty industry, it’s worse…

“By year number two a full 92% of the salons started… FAILED.”

The Most Common Reasons For That Painful
 “Crash & Burn”?

• Lack of a Clear Focus

• Not having Enough Clients

Maintenance and Overhead Costs
• Hiring and Keeping Great Stylists

There are a few others besides, but these are ones we have seen 
owners of traditional salons struggle with over and again.

And the last item – Hiring and Keeping Great Stylists – 
that can be a KILLER.

Industry Turnover Is Over 45% Per Year!

Having to train employees takes your time, your freedom and your resources away from your profits. And if you have them and DON’T train them, your salon’s reputation will suffer.

Attracting the right stylists who share your values, goals and vision is a major business challenge. Besides, the BEST stylists want the FREEDOM to be their own boss and make their own rules.

Combating Turnover Is Brutal Out There

And if you are a booth renter who has changed salons a few times, you know what I mean… it’s tough enough just to BE a stylist… imagine what it’s like to MANAGE them!

To overcome the many challenges of making it in the salon industry and PROSPER, you need salon space that helps you to be all you want to be.

Salon Plaza Baltimore WHY freedom resized 600That’s Salon Plaza’s “WHY”– We make it EASY-ER to get started and stay profitable

Right Off The Bat, You Have More FREEDOM With…

• NO stylists to hire
• NO maintenance to worry about
• NO down payment to come up with

You get to create your own atmosphere and set your own schedule. You get to focus on what you love most – creating a great experience for your clients.

And To Keep Your Chair FULL – We Give You Lots Of Support

Located in high-traffic areas, new walk-ins find your Plaza every day.

Onlne, new visitors Google you. And we give you a personal web page – with over 12,000 visits to our site every month!!! Does that sound like more freedom to you?

Plus… we offer classes like how to build your clientele on Facebook. Not to mention this Salon Owner’s Success Blog you are reading right now – Check out this Index of Our Most Popular Secrets To Success Tools!

You can sign up to receive our success tips here:

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Hey, by the way, did you hear us on the radio? Right now we’re running radio ads to help Member Salon Owners attract new clients like crazy.

With All This Support We Can Honestly Say…

At Salon Plaza, you’re in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself. If it’s truly your PASSION to create your own environment, set your own hours, and be your own boss, then what are you waiting for?

Take a tour and get to know our salon owners. See yourself in their shoes. Turn the odds in your favor.

Be Part Of A Stable Community…

63% of our Member Salon Owners have been with us for over 5 years!

Click and watch our Members tell their story –

“Why I feel PASSIONATE about making it on my own with the Salon Plaza Community.”

And if you listen… and act on what you hear… I can’t guarantee
 you’ll be our next success story, but I can guarantee your 
odds of busting free are improved BIG-Time.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you think you’re cut out for FREEDOM –

Take our Salon Owner’s Success Quiz and see if

YOU are ready to create your Space for Prosperity…

Beauty Salon Owner Freedom Success Quiz


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